“Juve? After Euro2020 I will have to make a decision”

Being here is an emotion, is something I dreamed of as a child. I don’t know which formation the coach will choose but we will try to be ready. There is responsibility, go on the pitch for the Italians, it is a responsibility that everyone would like to take on. It is a pride“. The Sassuolo midfielder spoke at the press conference after the retirement of the Italian national team, just over 48 hours after his debut against Turkey in the inaugural match of Euro2020. Manuel Locatelli, in the sights of Juventus, turned off the rumors of the transfer market: “They are just talk. There is such an important competition to play that I am focused on that“. And again, on the failure to land in a big one in the last few sessions:”I rely on the field, on real things, the others are chatter, it is useless to talk about it“.

Locatelli: “I talked to Carnevali, we know which way to go”

Being followed by important teams is a revenge for myself. When you have these disappointments it is important to relaunch yourself, prove your worth. I do not know if it is a revenge for those who did not believe in me, I think about the present. It is normal that there are market rumors but the maturity I am talking about is the step for which I do not allow myself to be influenced. It is so important that it would be a waste to think about the market even though I know that after the European Championship I will have to make some decisions. I talked to Carnevali, we are aware of the path to take“.

Locatelli: “I’ve grown a lot in the last year”

The fact that the European Championship has been postponed by a year made it easier for me, it was a season where I matured. I have changed as a player, as a person, I feel more mature and responsible. I feel great when I play two like in Sassuolo, like here when we set up. I can balance and get on with the ball, look for the play. I can also play in front of the defense, I’m also flexible. Representing Italy is something to tell to children. I watched these competitions at the oratory on the big screen. I know how good it would be to play, we will give everything for Italy. We have a clear identity on how to play. The difficulties, if there are any, we will be ready. We were born like this: we have unity of purpose, it will stand out even on these occasions“.

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Locatelli: “With the public it will be beautiful”

Locatelli on De Zerbi, Mancini and De Rossi

De Zerbi and Mancini are tactically similar but very different. It is a pity that the coach has left Italy, I wish him the best of luck. He can become an international top, I wish him and he deserves it. My model? Daniele De Rossi: he didn’t have a 5 like me in the national team but he was an example and he is. I was also in awe to talk to him, I lived like you the 2006 World Cup when he went to take the penalty in the final. For me it is a privilege to have him here, I hope to reach his levels. Now that I have met him I can say that he is a good person. For the idea that he had as a player, he will want to set the game in possession of the ball, on domination. He will be a charismatic coach, you can also see it here, in talking to him, he will be a charismatic coach, for sure.“.

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Locatelli: “We will give everything for this shirt”

Locatelli on Berardi, Verratti and Jorginho

Everyone has their own personality, I can only speak well of Berardi. I don’t know what choices he will make, I wish him the best. Everyone has his own personality, his own ambitions, I can only wish him a great European. Will you come? I studied it on Youtube, I saw how strong it is. He challenges you when he has the ball, he’s very strong. I hope he recovers soon, I have to play in his place, I say I can give what I have, then we will see what the result will be in the game. Jorginho is really strong, he has a gift that I envy him: he knows how to make his teammates play well too, knows how to give balance, confidence. It makes you play well. Then we know Marco well, I can give other qualities but we are not similar. The public? It’s something beautiful, I’ll sing the hymn like never before. Hearing them will be fantastic, having my loved ones at the stadium will be beautiful and decisive. Now that things are better it will all be beautiful“.


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Locatelli: “We have a very specific game identity”

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