Two people from Saluzzo behind the most followed podcast in Italy on Spotify. The history of the First Republic told to millennials –

“The moments that have made the history of our country, told to those who, like us, have not lived them.”

With this claim every episode of the podcast opens “Here Italy is made”, product Spotify Italy, created by the Saluzzese Lorenzo Baravalle and yes Lorenzo Pregliasco, director in charge of YouTrend, magazine oriented to polls and data analysis in the political, economic and social fields.

The intent is to tell the political history of the First Republic to the “millennials”.

It has been the most popular podcast on the popular audio streaming service for five days on demand Swedish.

“A certainly unexpected result – comments Lorenzo Baravalle – It would have been great for me to be in the top 100, but seeing us alongside podcast giants like Alessandro Barbero, at ‘Muschio Selvaggio’ with Fedez and Luis, at Will Media’s ‘The Essential’, just to name a few, is really something that is impressive. “

The series was launched on 2 June, on the 75th anniversary of the Referendum that determined the Republic as a form of government after years of war and a fascist regime.

And it is precisely from the articulated and documented story of that key event for our country that it starts QSFI. Starting with the “Giro d’Italia” of the rebirth (won by Gino Bartali in front of Fausto Coppi) among the roads of a nation still marked by the conflict, but which was trying to restart.

In a path of eight episodes, online every Tuesday, ranging from the reconstruction of the nation after the world war to the descent into the field of Silvio Berlusconi passing through the massacre of Piazza Fontana (already online since yesterday), from referendum on divorce and abortion, from the Moro case to the story of the figures of Sandro Pertini, Enrico Berlinguer until touching the early 90s with the mafia massacres.

Always with important guests to enrich the quality of the product: from Sabino Cassese, jurist and judge emeritus of the Constitutional Court. TO Benedetta Tobagi, daughter of the journalist Walter, victim of the March 28 Brigade.

Gives Emma Bonino which will tell the long road of rights in Italy. To the editor of L’Espresso Marco Damilano on the kidnapping and murder of Aldo Moro, (side note: few people know that Damilano was on a school bus at the age of nine on March 16, 1978. And he walked right through via Fani where the terrorists were already present. later they would kidnap the president of the DC).

The journalist Paolo Condò will trace the figure of Sandro Pertini, starting from the famous image of the card game on the plane with Bearzot and Zoff returning from the victory of the 1982 World Cup as an example of politics that for the first time comes close to popular culture.

The former mayor of Rome Valter Veltroni will be a guest in the episode dedicated to Enrico Berlinguer. While the massacres of Capaci and via Ameglio will see the “vocal” participation of the director Enrico Mentana, whose extraordinary editions of Tg5 on May 23 and July 19, 1992 were the first to tell the Italians the most dramatic point of the mafia-like massacre.

To close the eight episodes the former editor of Il Foglio and columnist Giuliano Ferrara will tell the story of Silvio Berlusconi’s descent into the field, a moment that marks the decline of the First Republic.

But, apart from important guests, the voice on which it stands QSFI remains that of Pregliasco and Baravalle supported by the important editorial, editorial and historical research work of Francesco Magni, Alessandro Negri e Martina Santi.

The “cut and sew” audio and live recording also comes from the Marchesato. This is the 30-year-old Emiliano ‘Moffy’ Frediani, sound designer at the Travel Media House in Turin, but of Saluzzo origins.

“The idea was born during the first lockdown
– Baravalle tells us – I found myself listening to something about the figure of Berlinguer and I understood that I was briefly familiar with the stories linked to our country from the post-war period onwards. I contacted my friend Lorenzo Pregliasco since politics is his bread and has made the ‘super partes’ his stylistic code. Because this had to be ‘Qui Si Fa Italia’, a recovery of apolitical stories to be told with sounds and words to those who, like us, did not experience those years. “

“We proposed the idea to Spotify Italy – continues the creator of QSFI – which between 2020 and 2021 approved the production. At that point we got to the heart of the job which led to the realization of these eight episodes. We needed to tell old things to guys who are used to having other sounds in their ears. Bringing these two souls together was the real challenge. The research work of Francesco, Alessandro and Martina as well as the capable hand of Emiliano was fundamental. Working for a Spotify product and with people of the caliber of Lorenzo Pregliasco is a great responsibility. “

It is possible to listen to the podcast “Here is Italy” by clicking HERE.

To stay updated on the next episodes of the podcast and on the news of QSFI, you can visit the instagram pages of Lorenzo Baravalle and Lorenzo Pregliasco.

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