all data municipality by municipality

all data municipality by municipality
all data municipality by municipality

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09 June 2021 15:24

Another 21 cases of coronavirus (so 11 fewer compared to 32 yesterday) were registered today (Wednesday 9 June 2021) in Umbria, where 56,589 people were infected with Covid-19 since the beginning of the health emergency. However, there are 1,792 – therefore 619 fewer than the 2,411 of the previous day – the molecular swabs performed in the last hours (with the total rising to 940,909), while the antigenic tests carried out so far become 436,894 (unchanged compared to yesterday): they are therefore 1,792 (-3,884 compared to yesterday) also the total tests carried out in the last hours with a positivity rate that (taking into consideration the sum of swabs and tests) goes from 0.56% yesterday to 1.17% (the data for molecular only yesterday it was 1.3%).

Coronavirus, 5 cases of Indian variant discovered in Umbria

In today’s bulletin – with the data of the Region and Civil Protection updated at 12.41 – there is a decline in the currently positive figures, which are now 1,151 (-46). This is because the number of healed increases to 54,032 (+66), while the total deaths counted since the beginning of the pandemic rise to 1,406 (+1). On the other hand, the number of people in contumacial isolation is decreasing and now they are 1,104 (-44), while in the Umbrian ‘Covid Hospitals’ the total number of hospitalized patients drops to 47 (-2) and the number of those in intensive care remains stable at 5. .

Coronavirus, the vaccine bulletin in Umbria: all the data

Below are the maps of the institutional ‘dashboard’ of the Region to understand – with the data municipality by municipality (they become 32 out of 92 like yesterday those currently ‘Covid-free’, which yesterday were 31) – how they are distributed in the Umbrian territory and in the various hospitals for the positives, the recovered, the deceased, the people in absentia isolation, the hospitalized and the patients in intensive care …








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