The Michetti-Matone ticket: here are the names of the center-right

The Michetti-Matone ticket: here are the names of the center-right
The Michetti-Matone ticket: here are the names of the center-right

The center right begins to tighten the circle for the candidates to the administrative in the autumn and today he met in a summit to evaluate the proposals to be nominated as mayors for the main cities of the country. Also at stake is the choice of the candidate for the Calabria Region, currently governed by Nino Spirlì after the untimely death of Jole Santelli.

During the meeting the white smoke arrived for Turin and Rome but it has not yet been defined who will be the candidate of the coalition for Milan, but the climate at the top was one of full harmony and collaboration to identify the best proposals for the different territories. Paolo Damilano is the mayoral candidate in Turin. The candidacy for the Calabria Region will be made official within the week. And for Milan, Giorgia Meloni declared: “In Milan, once the candidate-mayor is decided, we will see how to form the team. The idea of ​​working on teams and not on individuals demonstrates our determination to choose the best“.

The choices for Rome

The center-right has chosen Enrico Michetti as mayoral candidate for Roma Capitale, in ticket with Simonetta Matone who will be prosindaco. The team of Forza Italia, Lega and Fratelli d’Italia was on the law professor of local authorities at the University of Cassino, as well as radio speaker. An experienced lawyer, his name has been around for some time as a possible candidate for the center-right coalition. Enrico Michetti knows the political fabric of the capital very well. “I am happy and excited, grateful for the confidence demonstrated in these days, for the affection received“Enrico Michetti told Adnkronos after the center-right summit confirmed his candidacy as mayor of Rome.”Now is the time to give back to the Eternal City what it deserves, the role of caput mundi“, concluded the professor.

Simonetta Matone is a long-time magistrate. He has held the role of Deputy Attorney General at the Court of Appeal of Rome since 2018 and for 17 years was a prosecutor at the juvenile court. He has already had the opportunity to experience the political world up close when he held the role of chief of staff of Mara Carfagna. She was also deputy chief vicar of the Dap with the minister Paola Severino and Head of the Department of Justice Affairs with the Minister Annamaria Cancellieri. “I spoke to Simonetta Matone personally and she makes herself available to the team“said Matteo Salvini.

We unlocked the candidacy for the mayor of Rome with the contribution of two extraordinary professionals such as Enrico Michetti as candidate for the office of mayor and Simonetta Matone for the office of pro mayor, whom we thank for making themselves available. Now we are waiting for them in the electoral campaign, so that even the Romans can realize their competence, seriousness, concreteness and authority.“he said Giorgia Meloni, underlining the compactness of the center-right in his choice “to revive the capital after the Virginia Raggi disaster“.

Paolo Damilano is a 49-year-old entrepreneur, whom the center-right has indicated as a candidate for mayor for Turin. Piedmontese by birth, he has been dealing with the family winery for over 20 years but his business is also diversified in the catering and mineral water sector. “I am also very happy with Damilano’s confirmation in Turin. The center-right is perfectly in the game, very compact and on the pitch to win“, said Giorgia Meloni presenting the candidates. To confirm to the press the candidacy of Paolo Damilano was the leader of the League, Matteo Salvini: “We have formalized the go-ahead for Paolo Damilano in Turin“.

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