Covid: the experimentation of a new aerosol therapy starts in Naples

Covid: the experimentation of a new aerosol therapy starts in Naples
Covid: the experimentation of a new aerosol therapy starts in Naples

“The results of our research may open up a further and new approach to the management of Covid-19 respiratory disease, treating its nasal origin” warns Attilio Varricchio, specialist in Otolaryngology and president of Aivas, Italian Upper Airway Association, head of the simple departmental operating unit of videoendoscopy and otolaryngologist of ASL Napoli 1 and scholar of the upper airways and their topical treatment. The study was published in the rivista Journal of Biological Regulators and Homeostatic Agents and was born from the collaboration between the research groups of otolaryngologists of Naples, led by Varricchio himself and of Catania, led by Ignazio La Mantia, with the scientific contribution of the allergist Giorgio Ciprandi of Genoa, the pediatrician Francesco Paolo Brunese, and the otorino pediatrician Alfonso Maria Varricchio, both from Naples.

“Aivas – explains Varricchio – has promoted the study on 76 patients suffering from respiratory disease from Covid-19, treated by nebulizing a pharmacological solution, capable of de-congesting, disinfecting and disinfecting the nose and nose-pharynx.” An experiment coordinated by Attilio Varricchio with both drugs and thermal waters. Studying these, and in particular those of Campania, in 2019 he won, with the ENTs Enrico Ascione and Fausto Bonsignori, the “Marcial Campos” Award of the world organization of thermalism with a research on the treatment of recurrent respiratory infections in children, and demonstrating its improvement by nebulizing the thermal waters with micronized nasal showers, which led to the birth of an Airliquide medical system patent, approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

“Like all viruses responsible for respiratory infections – explains Varricchio – Covid-19 also uses the nose as an entrance door to the human body. It is here that by replicating itself, it subsequently invades the middle-lower airways until it contaminates the lung. It is here that, like other respiratory viruses, it alters the microbiological bank of the nasopharynx, stimulating the selective growth of pathogenic bacteria, which cause post-Covid bacterial complications.

Some researchers have already proposed simple nasal irrigations, and not nebulizations, with hypertonic saline solutions, capable of reducing viral adhesiveness to the nasal mucosa and / or its intra-cellular replication, for a “bleach-like” effect due to action of the chlorine ion with the hydrogen ion “.

“Starting from this data, – continues Varricchio – we decided to treat 76 Covid-19 patients, symptomatic, mild-moderate, using a specific aerosol device for nasal-pharyngeal dressing, the micronized nasal shower, which we have studied since 2004 and reproposed in numerous researches, born for the management of the Nose-Pharynx. With the micronized nasal shower, we nebulized a masterful galenic solution, made by the Orlandi laboratories, a Neapolitan excellence, containing: Sodium chloride at 2.5%, buffered with bicarbonate to to which we have added, with percentages lower than 1 percent, hyaluronic acid, to repair the damaged mucosa, combined with xylitol for its antiviral action, a combination of two antibacterial molecules (tobramycin and lycomycin) dose-dependent, to counteract and preventing bacterial superinfections, and an antioxidant and biofilm-lytic molecule (N-acetylcysteine), capable of creating an environment hostile to viruses. only 7 days of this treatment, we found – concludes Varricchio – the negativization of the nasopharyngeal molecular swab, in the 76 patients.

While, paradoxically, their cohabiting family members, positive for Covid-19, but asymptomatic, who represented the control group, as they were not treated, to the control swab, were all still positive. When subjected to the same treatment as the symptomatic cohabitants (ie the nasal douche and galenic solution), they were also negative after 7 days of therapy. “

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