LIVE COVID-19 – In Italy 2,199 new infections. Biden will announce a vaccination plan for the world. Spain, vaccine for players before the European Championships. Lazio, from Monday outdoor events with 1,500 people

LIVE COVID-19 – In Italy 2,199 new infections. Biden will announce a vaccination plan for the world. Spain, vaccine for players before the European Championships. Lazio, from Monday outdoor events with 1,500 people
LIVE COVID-19 – In Italy 2,199 new infections. Biden will announce a vaccination plan for the world. Spain, vaccine for players before the European Championships. Lazio, from Monday outdoor events with 1,500 people

The Coronavirus emergency continues to give no respite not only in Italy, but throughout the planet. As usual, the Ministry of Health shared the bulletin containing the updates relating to the spread of COVID-19 in Italy.

I’m 2.199 the new Covid-19 positives on 218,738 processed swabs (antigenic and molecular). The deaths in one day are 77. Ordinary hospitalizations (-303, now 4,382) and intensive care (-27, now 661) are decreasing. The positivity rate is 1%. . will update you LIVE with all the main news.

18:16 – Green light from the Chamber of the Chamber to the decree law on reopening related to the Covid-19 pandemic. The text, on which the government received confidence in Montecitorio, was approved with 384 votes in favor, 39 against and five abstentions. Now go to the Senate.

18:04 – CLICK HERE to consult today’s bulletin.

17:33 – “Today on over 10 thousand tampons in the Lazio (1,324) and over 12 thousand antigenic for a total of over 22 thousand tests, there are 179 new positive cases (+40), deaths are 7 (+1), hospitalized are 587 (-58). 1,237 recovered, intensive therapies are 107 (-1). the ratio between positives and buffers is 1.7%, but if we also consider the antigenic ones the percentage drops to 0.8%. the cases in Rome city are at 89, the data from the white zone are confirmed. “This is what the Lazio health councilor Alessio D’Amato said.

16:43 – The Brazil yesterday it administered 1.6 million vaccines against the coronavirus in a single day, while the ninth shipment of immunizers from the American laboratory Pfizer arrived in the South American giant. Yesterday 1.3 million Brazilians received the first dose of the drug against Covid 19, the highest number since the start of the immunization campaign, which began on January 17. Since then, 74.2 million vaccines have been administered in the country.

16:08Joe Biden will announce a vaccination plan for the world. He anticipated it himself before embarking on Air Force One for Europe, his first trip abroad.

15:32 – The Spanish Ministry of Health has announced that the National will be vaccinated before the debut at Euro 2020. This was stated by the Spanish Radio Television: Luis Enrique’s entire team will receive the vaccine before June 13, when he moves to Seville to face Sweden the next day.

15:02 – “From Monday in Lazio with an ordinance we are bringing the limit of spectators for outdoor events from 1000 to 1500 people. In safety, we can come back to life!”. He writes it on Twitter the president of the Lazio Region Nicola Zingaretti.

14:10Maurizio Pasca, president of the SILIBFIPE, has issued the following statements regarding the request not to use masks in the disco to dance indoors: “This is our request, then obviously we will not decide”.

13:40Massimiliano Fedriga, governor of the Friuli-Giulia Venice and president of the Regions, issued the following statements upon leaving Palazzo Chigi: “On the Green pass we are asking for clarity on the applicability because to date there is still no European Green pass and we must give certainties to certain categories, and I am thinking for example of the wedding which is a sector already devastated by the pandemic, and at the same time guaranteeing all possible safety “.

13:10 – I’m 82 the new cases of positivity al COVID-19 registered in the Region Market in the last 24 hours compared to 3.004 swabs carried out (1.536 new diagnoses along the way e 1.468 in the path healed.

12:40 – I’m 126 the new cases of positivity al COVID-19 registered in the Region Veneto in the last 24 hours.

12:10 – I’m 10.407 cases of positivity al COVID-19 register in Russia in the last 24 hours.

11:40 – Today, Wednesday 9 June, the curfew will be postponed from 21:00 all 23:00 in France. Restaurants and bars can start welcoming customers again in the rooms with a maximum of six people per table and no later than 50% of the capacity. Also reopen gyms and swimming pools with a maximum limit of 50% of accesses with respect to the actual capacity while in cinemas the maximum limit will be of 65% and the distance passes from 8 ai 4 square meters.

11:10 – The UK has seen a 90% increase in new COVID-19 positivity cases in the past week due to the spread of the variant Delta.

10:58 – “Yesterday, June 8, at midnight, 66 thousand doses of vaccine were recorded throughout the region, a new record. The vaccination campaign continues rapidly and the organization works. Thank you all for your collaboration, together we wins “. He writes it in a statement the Crisis Unit of the Lazio Region.

10:41 – The vaccine of AstraZeneca “it is already preferentially recommended for subjects over 60 years of age, because the relationship between the benefits deriving from vaccination and any risks becomes incremental with age and is particularly favorable above this threshold”. This was underlined by the coordinator of the CTS, Franco Locatelli, a Rainews24. “What happened in the unfortunate girl from Genoa, to whom all my attention and affection goes – he said – raises further reflection, also in light of the changed epidemiological context as the reduction of cases we have in the country makes it even more this reflection is mandatory “.

10:13 – The Undersecretary of Health Andrea Costa spoke of the confrontation with the owners of the ballrooms: “The sector deserves an answer, it is the only one left without a date, we aim to open them at the beginning of July”.

09:51 – The European Union has so far exported about 50% of its vaccine production to 90 countries: as the president of the European Commission said Ursula Von der Leyen speaking before the European Parliament in plenary session in Strasbourg, “if all the other vaccine manufacturers had also followed our example, now the world would be a different place”.

09:27 – “To date, over 39 million and 300 thousand doses of the vaccine have been administered: the Italians who have received the first dose are about 26 million, almost 48%”. This was underlined by the extraordinary commissioner for the COVID-19 emergency, Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, to the microphones of 24 Morning its Radio24. “This is thanks to the great efficiency achieved by the machine – the general recalled – with an average administration of between 90 and 95% of the doses delivered. It is the beautiful Italy that wins when it comes together and team up”.

09:00 – The United States relaxed travel recommendations to over 110 countries, including Italy. The decision is made by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and also affects Japan, in view of the Olympics. The new classification, published on the official website of the CDC, includes 61 nations – including our country, France, Turkey, Spain, Russia and Hungary – passed from ‘level 40, the highest for the alert COVID-19 and which invites not to travel, at ‘level 3’, which recommends travel to those who are fully vaccinated. Another 50 nations and territories have dropped from ‘level 2’ to ‘level 1’, explained a spokesman for the CDC, as reported by Reuters: now the list of countries with the lowest Covid risk for the US includes Singapore, Israel, Iceland, South Korea, Belize and Albania.

08:40 – The doses of vaccine against COVID-19 administered in Italy are 39,312,253, 92.8% of the total delivered, which are 42,383,709 so far. In detail, 27,733,972 Pfizer-BioNTech, 4,096,657 Moderna, 8,993,380 Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca) and 1,559,700 Janssen (J&J). 13,338,891 Italians completed the vaccination cycle, equal to 24.59% of the over 12 population. This is what we read in the online report of the extraordinary commissioner for the health emergency updated at 06:12 today.

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