The Popular School of Centocelle is born in Centocelle

The Popular School of Centocelle is born in Centocelle
The Popular School of Centocelle is born in Centocelle

Between April and May 2021 the Popular School of Centocelle was born and finally comes alive, free and open to the needs of the territory.

The idea comes from the mind of Professor Alquati, recently retired from the IC Via dei Sesami (epicenter of the project), and takes shape through reflections and chats with other colleagues from the municipal schools. Aware of the real needs of a territory that has lived intensely for many years, the teacher imagines the creation of a geographically polycentric cultural center, which could include, in the near future, a library, a theater, a youth center, classrooms for after-school activities for 1st and 2nd grade primary and secondary school pupils, Italian courses and various creative workshops. He then turns to the network of contacts he has built over the years to start implementing this idea.

The response of the neighborhood is exciting and virtuous: the possibility of offering students and compulsory school students free help in carrying out their homework quickly begins to materialize. The parishes of Sant’Ireneo, the Holy Family and San Felice da Cantalice provide the spaces to host the courses, while Casale Falchetti and the Circolo Artenoize are available from September. Jointly, a series of teachers (and others) offer availability and skills so that this pilot experience can be activated.

The proposal to support the launch of this experimental phase of the folk high school was immediately welcomed with great enthusiasm by the team of the Impact Pacts project, selected by “Con i Bambini” as part of the Fund for the fight against juvenile educational poverty.
The project – which sees the Social Cooperative Il Cammino as leader, together with a composite and broad partnership including Parsec Cooperativa Sociale, Cooperativa Sociale Magliana 80, Cooperativa Sociale Eureka I, Folias Società Cooperativa, Ecosistemi Foundation, Istituto Comprensivo Via Casalotti 259 Comprehensive Via Poseidone, Comprehensive Institute Marino Centro, Comprehensive Institute Raffaello Giovagnoli, Comprehensive Institute Via dei Sesami, University of Rome Tor Vergata Department of Management and Law – is located in Municipalities V, VI and XIII of the Municipality of Rome and in two Municipalities of the province and intends to promote the well-being and harmonious growth of minors (from 5 to 14 years old), carrying out support interventions for families, minors themselves, teachers and the wider social community.
The idea put in place is strongly in line with the main objective of the project: the consolidation of an educating community that nourishes significant synergies between the resources present in the area, which facilitates the experimentation of new models of social integration and which, by sharing knowledge, tools and methodologies, co-projects and create new wellness opportunities for its inhabitants.

Even the team of Patti d’Impatto, therefore, like the other protagonists of this latest adventure, makes its skills available, coordinating the various actors who have chosen to live the Popular School of Centocelle, taking care of communication with families and creating spaces for discussion and methodological support, as well as providing teaching and sanitation material.
Impact pacts is, therefore, the organizational engine of a now active reality that continues to expand, welcoming the needs it encounters: in the space of a month, almost thirty requests for help from families who wanted their children to be involved in meetings between children from different schools (organized in full compliance with anti-Covid regulations) aimed at school support.
An Italian course has also been activated for foreign women and summer lessons are planned for those who need to recover some subjects and carry out their holiday homework; finally, starting from next September collaboration with the CPIA (Provincial Center for Adult Education) is in the works.
The objective of this first phase is, therefore, to test a replicable model that is able, increasingly autonomously, to manage supply and demand, creating a service based on a validated set of practices and tools.
And then a big good luck to the Popular School of Centocelle !!

For those wishing to participate by providing their professionalism and skills or requesting educational support for students:
tel: 347 7067962

“The Patti d’Impatto project was selected by Con i Bambini as part of the Fund for the fight against juvenile educational poverty. The Fund was born from an agreement between the foundations of banking origin represented by Acri, the National Forum of the Third Sector and the Government. It supports interventions aimed at removing the obstacles of an economic, social and cultural nature that prevent minors from fully enjoying the educational processes. To implement the Fund’s programs, the social enterprise Con i Bambini was born in June 2016, a non-profit organization wholly owned by the CON IL SUD Foundation “

Source: Michela La Perna
Communication and Press Office – Coop. Social The Way

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