Rome, assets confiscated for 6 million from the head of the Trullo narcos

Wednesday 9 June 2021 – 12:07

Rome, assets confiscated for 6 million from the head of the Trullo narcos

The carabinieri notify the provision to Daniele Ferri

Rome, June 9 (askanews) – Assets for 6 million euros were confiscated by the carabinieri from the so-called head of the ‘Narcos’ of the Trullo, Daniele Ferri. The provision was issued by the Prevention Measures Section of the Court of Rome at the request of the DDA. The provision originates from a complex investigation, called “New Line”, conducted by the Carabinieri between April 2017 and February 2018, which had made it possible to break up a criminal association dedicated to drug trafficking in the capital, promoted and directed by Ferri, interested in the supply of cocaine, hashish and marijuana in the Roman districts of Trullo, Monteverde and Montespaccato and with an expansion of criminal interest in the area of ​​the municipality of Pomezia. The investigation had also made it possible to ascertain how Ferri, over time, had reinvested the proceeds illegally acquired from drug trafficking in companies, commercial activities and real estate in the municipality of Rome, assets fictitiously in the name of third parties in order to evade any preventive measures. Among the assets subject to the confiscation there are 2 companies, one operating in the road transport sector, the other having as its object the sale of fruit and vegetables, as well as two apartments located in the Roman district of Trullo and 2 financial relationships, for an estimated total value in about 6 million euros. For the recipient of the provision, the personal prevention measure of the special surveillance of PS with the obligation to stay for three years in the Municipality of residence was also ordered.


Rome assets confiscated million Trullo narcos

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