This man makes Ethereum from cow manure on his ‘cryptocurrency farm’

This man makes Ethereum from cow manure on his ‘cryptocurrency farm’
This man makes Ethereum from cow manure on his ‘cryptocurrency farm’

It is located inWalesan unusual onemining farmthat every day produces cryptocurrencies, in particular Ethereuem. And precisely the case of calling it a farm:Philip Hughes, a young farmer and owner of the facility, had the brilliant idea of ​​using manure from his cows forproduce energy to power its mining platformsof digital coins.

The complex process is called anaerobic digestion, where a large six-cylinder engine transforms the gas emitted from the decomposition of manure into energy. In detail, the organic substance – in this case the manure – in absence of oxygen (anaerobiosis) and with the action of specialized microorganisms it is transformed into bio-methane capable of producing green energy inside anaerobic digesters. In Philip Hughe’s case, renewable energy is being harnessed to power powerful computers ready to generate new cryptocurrency.

“The revenue has been good, but it depends a lot on the day you ask me,” Philip replied, referring to the strong volatility inherent in the crypto market. The success of the mining farm allowed the young owner to rent its renewable energy. In particular, Philip’s implants are also used by third parties who take advantage of the powerful equipment (computers and graphics cards).

Philip began collaborating with Josh Riddet, administrator of Easy Crypto Hunter, a leading cryptocurrency mining team in the UK (excluding Bitcoin) using small-scale renewable energy generators. The company uses equipment that includes generators solar, wind turbines, hydroelectric and indeed anaerobic digestion located in 42 different locations.

Philip’s story was a great success, so much so that it received numerous calls from farmers interested in the project. “ it is much easier to operate a computer than a herd of cows or a herd of sheep“, conclude Philip.

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