Copasir, Urso (FdI) elected president without the votes of Lega-

Copasir, Urso (FdI) elected president without the votes of Lega-
Copasir, Urso (FdI) elected president without the votes of Lega-

Adolfo Urso, senator of the Brothers of Italy and the only member of the opposition of the Committee for the security of the Republic, was elected president of Copasir. Seven votes in favor and a blank ballot. Absent the resigning members of the League, the former president Raffaele Volpi and Paolo Arrigoni. The representatives of Forza Italia, Movimento 5 Stelle, Pd and Italia viva voted in favor. Thus, the long quarrel that broke out after the birth of the Draghi government and the passage of the League in the majority is ended. The then president, Raffaele Volpi, was a League member, but the law states that the Copasir presidency belongs to the opposition, now represented only by the Brothers of Italy.

The resistance of the League

Il Carroccio for weeks rejected the request to remit Volpi’s mandate. Despite the fact that Pd, Forza Italia and Movimento 5 Stelle had also expressed themselves in favor of a new president chosen among the representatives of the opposition. Even the request for an intervention by the presidents of the chambers had not produced results. Until the resignation of the two Northern League commissioners, President Volpi and Arrigoni. Fratelli d’Italia has chosen from the beginning to focus on the figure of Urso, but even on this the League does not agree. In particular, it was Matteo Salvini himself who said that a friend of Iran would not have been welcome (Urso in his entrepreneurial activity had relations with the Islamic country). But now the stalemate had become unbearable.

Best wishes from Giorgia Meloni

After the election, the first to congratulate Urso was the leader of the Brothers of Italy Giorgia Meloni. Congratulations and good luck from me and from Brothers of Italy to Adolfo Urso, new president of the Parliamentary Committee for the security of the Republic. And our thanks to the outgoing president Raffaele Volpi for the work done. Already as vice president of Copasir, Senator Urso had demonstrated skills and competence and we are sure that he will be able to fill this important and delicate post in the same way, always in the interest of the Nation and the Italians.

Salvini: an injustice

On Tuesday evening, on the eve of the vote, Salvini a Porta a porta had reiterated the reasons for the opposition to the change at the top: If we announce our resignations, we will not withdraw them. We have resigned our members to heal what we consider an injustice. We have invited all the other parties to do the same to reconstitute Copasir from scratch with the presidency that belongs to the opposition, as it should be. Result? The League resigns and the others have remained in place. I am not angry with Urso but I believe that this composition of the Copasir does not correspond to the criteria of the law.

Urso’s profile

Paduan by birth, who lived in Sicily, the new president of Copasir, the 63-year-old Adolfo Urso, senator of Fdi since 2018, introduces himself in his blog as follows: journalist, entrepreneur, politician and father of three children. I love my country and I believe I have always served it with dignity and competence. Then he adds: When it was necessary I resigned my posts, because I believe that it is also necessary to know how to give up power to affirm one’s ideas. Today, after a political battle, he finds himself presiding over Copasir, the most coveted office of the parliamentary opposition, the delicate bicameral committee for the control of the work of the Italian services, which had remained without a guide since last May 20, when the Lega Nord Volpi had resigned his mandate. President of the association `Farefuturo, Urso was one of the founders of the National Alliance, becoming a member of the constituent National Assembly of the new party wanted by Fini, held in Fiuggi on January 22, 1995. The following year he arrives in Parliament. Then government posts in the second and third executive Berlusconi: he becomes deputy minister of Productive Activities, with responsibility for foreign trade. Urso re-nominated on the list of the `People of Freedom in the 2008 elections, was appointed Undersecretary for Economic Development in the fourth Berlusconi government and, since 2009, Deputy Minister with responsibility for Foreign Trade.

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