Italy, Locatelli: “I will decide the future after the European Championship, I have already spoken with Sassuolo” | News

“Being here is an emotion, a thing I dreamed of as a child and a great pride”

After having carved out a leading role in Sassuolo, Manuel Locatelli want to play a big one European with the Italy shirt. “Being here is an emotion, it is a thing that I dreamed as a child – explained the midfielder -. Go on the pitch for the Italians, it’s a responsibility that everyone would like to take, a pride. “Then on the future: “I will decide after the European Championship, but I have already talked about it with Sassuolo. The rest is just chatter“.

“I don’t know if it is a revenge for those who did not believe in me, I think about the present – continued Locatelli -. It is normal that there are market rumors but the maturity I am talking about is the step for which I do not allow myself to be influenced”. “It is so important that it would be wasted to think about the market even though I know that after the European Championship I will have to make some decisions – he continued -. I spoke with Carnevali, we are aware of the path to take”.

Then the discussion returns to the national team and the European championship. “We have a precise identity on how to play. The difficulties, if there are any, we will be ready – explained the blue midfielder -. We are born like this: we have unity of purpose, it will stand out even on these occasions”. “Representing Italy is something to tell your children. I watched these competitions at the oratory on the big screen – he added -. I know how nice it would be to play, we will give everything for Italy”. “I feel great when I play two like in Sassuolo, like here when we set up – continued Locatelli talking about his position on the pitch with Italy -. I can give balance and go ahead with the ball, look for the play. I can also play up front. to defense, I am flexible “.

Then on the obstacle Turkey: “It’s an important team, they have good players like Calhanoglu with whom I played together. It won’t be easy but we will have to give everything.” “I don’t know which line-up the coach will choose but we will try to be ready – he added -. The move to the European Championship made it easier for me, it was a season where I matured. I changed as a player, as a person, I feel more mature and responsible “.

Closure dedicated to the models in blue and to some teammates “My model is Daniele De Rossi: he didn’t have a 5 like me in the national team but he was an example and he is – he explained -. I was also in awe of talking to him, I lived like you the 2006 World Cup when he went to take the penalty. in the final “. “For me it is a privilege to have him here, I hope to reach his levels. Now that I have met him I can say that he is a good person,” he continued. “Verratti? I studied him on Youtube, I saw how strong he is. He challenges you when he has the ball, he is very strong – said Locatelli -. I hope he will recover soon, I have to play in his place, I say that I can give what I have, then we will see in match what the result will be “. Finally on the similarities with Jorginho and Verratti: “Jorginho is really strong, he has a talent that I envy him: he knows how to make his teammates play well, he knows how to give balance, confidence. He makes you play well. Then we know Marco well, I can give other qualities but we are not alike “.


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