Did Harry and Meghan ask permission from the queen before calling their daughter “Lilibet Diana”? – Corriere.it

Did Harry and Meghan ask permission from the queen before calling their daughter “Lilibet Diana”? – Corriere.it
Did Harry and Meghan ask permission from the queen before calling their daughter “Lilibet Diana”? – Corriere.it

LONDON – Did they ask permission from the queen or not? yellow on the name that Harry and Meghan chose for their daughter born on Friday in Santa Barbara, California. The Dukes of Sussex opted for Lilibet, or the name assigned to the sovereign as a child by her grandfather George V, an intimate nickname used exclusively by Elizabeth’s close friends and relatives. Diana’s second son and his wife claim to have consulted their grandmother before coming to the decision, but palace sources have indicated to the Bbc that the queen was not aware of the choice of the grandson. Anonymously, a collaborator of the sovereign specified that Elizabeth was not put in a position to express an opinion on the name of her great-granddaughter.

Lilibet Diana

If on the one hand the gesture of Harry and Meghan can be considered an affectionate homage, on the other hand a choice that may appear inappropriate. Lilibet the name that Prince Philip used for his wife, a name born when Elizabeth, as a child, was unable to pronounce the full name, which takes us back to childhood and a personal sphere of the queen’s life. the name with which the sovereign signed herself on note left on Count Mountbatten’s coffin, a family friend to whom she was very attached. Not a name that the queen uses in a public way.

The denial

Harry and Meghan cleared him through customs by assigning him to their daughter and mating him to Diana, in honor of Harry’s mother, adored by the subjects but still a presence that was sometimes complicated for the royal family. A spokesman for the dukes has denied what was stated by the Bbc, noting that the couple would not use the name without Her Majesty’s consent. The duke spoke to the family by phone before the announcement, the queen being the first to be calledhe said. During that conversation the duke shared the intention of giving his daughter the name Lilibet in her honor. If the queen had not consented, the name would not have been used.

Harry and Meghan’s daughter

The bond between Harry and the queen

With Elizabeth Harry has kept a very close bond despite the distance that has recently been created with his brother William and his father Carlo. During the interview with Oprah Winfrey, Harry and Meghan had denounced racist attitudes on the part of some members of the royal family, but were quick to point out that the accusations did not concern the queen or Prince Philip, who was still alive at the time. Between the question and answer about the origin of the choice, the fact remains that Lilibet Diana Mountbatten Windsor will not be an easy name to carry: Harry and Meghan’s little girl, who according to her parents will be nicknamed Lili, will perhaps one day envy her brother Archie and his name so small.

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