Receipt lottery: from tomorrow you will win more

The receipt lottery it continues a bit muted compared to the much more talked about State Cashback. From tomorrow there is also a good news: the June 10 there is the first weekly draw, which is added to the monthly one always scheduled for tomorrow.

From now on, therefore, every Thursday a weekly drawing will be held until Thursday 30 December 2021. If the weekly drawing coincides with a national holiday, however, it will be postponed to the following working day, Friday. With the new extractions both i prize money for both buyers and merchants both the number of chanches to win the prices. All in anticipation of the big one annual draw at the end of December, what will be awarded a prize of 5 million euros for a lucky buyer and another of 1 million for a merchant. Here, on the other hand, is what the weekly prizes amount to.

Receipt lottery: the prizes

I receipt lottery prizes that will be assigned, starting from tomorrow, every Thursday are 30 equally divided (by number but not by amount) between buyers and merchants. Here they are in detail:

  • 15 awards of the € 25.000 for those who buy
  • 15 awards of the € 5.000 for those who sell

In total, therefore, they add to the lottery prize pool 375 thousand euros per week for buyers e 75 thousand euros per week for sellers.

As already happens for the other prizes, the monthly ones that are awarded on the first Thursday of each month, the same winning receipt rewards both those who buy and those who sell. So the prizes will be 30 but the receipts that will assign them will still be 15.

Receipt lottery: how to know if we have won

The receipt lottery is reserved for only electronic payments: you do not have to pay in cash to participate. The electronic way is also preferable as a method for to know if we have won: the winning receipts are always communicated, but for each receipt an electronic ticket is issued for each euro spent.

For this reason, the most effective way to know if we have won is insert your PEC within the lottery portal. The PEC, as everyone knows by now, has legal value like one recommended return. Recommended which is, however, the second method with which we will be notified of any winnings, if we have not communicated a PEC.


Receipt lottery tomorrow win

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