Milan, gang of pusher active in Rogoredo dismantled: 10 arrests

Wednesday 9 June 2021 – 14:02

Milan, gang of pusher active in Rogoredo dismantled: 10 arrests

Among the 5 Italians also the alleged leaders: 2 offenders of the Corvetto

Milan, June 9 (askanews) – The policemen of the Mecenate police station in Milan arrested ten people accused of criminal association for the purpose of drug dealing, thus dismantling one of the most active gangs until 2019 in and around the so-called “drug grove” of Rogoredo, neighborhood on the south-eastern outskirts of the Lombard capital. The gang, known in the area as that of the “Calabrians” (but in reality exclusively Milanese), were challenged about sixty counts in an investigation that covered the period between December 2018 and September 2019. The ten are five Italians, three Albanians and two Romanians and 7 ended up in prison and three under house arrest.

According to the accusation, at the top of the organization there were two Milanese offenders aged 23 and 30 residing in the Corvetto area. The first was under house arrest after being arrested on 5 February last together with one of “his” drug dealers (a 24-year-old Milanese convict of Maghrebi origin), accused of having robbed the Bper branch in Corso Lodi in July 2019 Milan. The two had waited for 40 minutes for the safe to be timed for opening and then fled with 40 thousand euros which, according to the investigations, would have invested in the purchase of cocaine and heroin to sell. Substances that the “addicts” are used to call respectively “the beautiful” and “the ugly”.

Among the people ended up in handcuffs also a 42-year-old Albanian offender known by drug addicts with the nickname of “Bialba – Albanian balance” (which later became the name of the investigation), who was entrusted with the “security” of the square: the man had to check both customers and drug dealers, as well as reporting any interventions by the police forces and any “trespassing” of rival pushers, in particular those of the then powerful Moroccan clan of the Mansouri, later swept away by other investigations. The survey shows that both the 42-year-old Albanian and the North African drug dealers were “paid” with 100 euros a day and with the drug for personal use.

In addition to an area inside the grove, the organization’s “areas of competence” were the former Palma farmhouse and the tunnel under the ring road in via Impastato. Areas now partially returned to the city, given that the activity of drug dealers is now mainly concentrated in the area of ​​Via Orwell.

The ten arrests come after a long series of interventions conducted in the Rogoredo area especially by the policemen of the Mecenate police station (competent for the territory) in the last three years on an almost daily basis: checks, stalking, observation services, wiretapping, arrests, reports, kidnappings of drugs and weapons. Fundamental pieces to reconstruct the organization chart and define the roles and relationships of each of the suspects.


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Milan gang pusher active Rogoredo dismantled arrests

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