Coronavirus Italy today: Covid infections in the bulletin of 9 June. Data from the regions

Coronavirus Italy today: Covid infections in the bulletin of 9 June. Data from the regions
Coronavirus Italy today: Covid infections in the bulletin of 9 June. Data from the regions

Rome, 9 June 2021 – Waiting for the new bulletin on the Coronavirus in Italia. In the afternoon they will be broadcast by Ministry of Health e Civil protection updates on contagion, dead, hospitalizations e terapie intensive. There was a significant increase in deaths yesterday, returning above 100, but the good news came from rate of positivity, which reached the minimum value of the year. There immunization campaign he is proceeding at a good pace and the goal remains vaccinate 80% of Italians by the end of September. After the case of the 18-year-old hospitalized for thrombosis after the Astrazeneca serum, however, the side effects of the vaccine and the desirability of open day for the youngest.

Covid data of 8 June

Open Day vaccines, where are the next


Meanwhile, today thefinal ok al Green Pass europeo which will come into force on July 1st. And again on the subject of travel in view of the summer General Son, extraordinary commissioner for the Coronavirus emergency, he returned to talk about the vaccines on vacation and ensured ‘maximum fexibility’. “Already during the booking phase, people must be able to calibrate their booking so as not to drop the second dose during the holiday period, but – explained Figliuolo – if this happens and someone thinks they cannot return, the regions they are committed to making sure that the dose can be made in another region where you spend your vacation “.

Green pass in Italy: from weddings and travel, when needed

Discos, towards the green light in July with the Green Pass

(Here will be published, as soon as they are available, the updates of the Ministry of Health and the Pdf table)

Data from regions / Tuscany

It has risen above 100 BC 127 the number of new cases detected in the last 24 hours in Tuscany. There are others nine dead for a total of 6,784 victims since the beginning of the pandemic. The currently positive are today 5,237 (-5.5% on yesterday). Among them the hospitalized are 341 (-33 on yesterday, equal to -8.8%) of which 80 in intensive care (four less than yesterday).

The daily trend of new Covid cases continues Veneto: I’m 126 the new cases recorded since yesterday, which bring the total of infections to 424,296. The data emerges from the regional bulletin, which reports 7 deaths, with the total of victims at 11,592. The decrease in current cases continues, with 6,327 patients, 180 fewer than yesterday. The clinical situation is also down, with 478 admissions in non-critical area (-9) and 62 (-3) in intensive care.

Positive cases detected in the Market. In the last 24 hours 3,004 swabs were tested: 1,536 in the new diagnosis path (1,024 molecular swabs and 512 screening with antigenic pathway) and 1,468 in the path cured. THE positive new diagnoses along the way I’m 82. Among the 512 antigenic tests, eight positives were recorded with a case / test ratio of 1.6% (yesterday it was 1.2%), while the ratio between infections and molecular swabs stood at 8% (yesterday was 3.7%). The positivity rate in the new diagnosis process is 5.3% (yesterday it was 2.7%).


In Basilicata yesterday 862 molecular swabs were processed: 33 tested positive and of these 31 belong to people residing in the region. Even in the last 24 hours no new deaths: the total number of Lucanian victims is therefore still at 564. In hospitals the number of hospitalized Covid patients has dropped from 44 to 43, none of whom are in intensive care. The currently positive Lucanians are also falling, reaching 3,095 (yesterday 3,067).

The other regions

One death and 21 infections in South Tyrol. In Molise 3 almost.

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