Xbox Series X is back in the Microsoft Store today

Xbox Series X is back in the Microsoft Store today
Xbox Series X is back in the Microsoft Store today

The lack of chips and the very high demand from enthusiasts has made the new generation consoles almost totally unavailable. Reason why the availability of Xbox Series X for tonight at ore 19:00 at Microsoft Store makes news.

It can be a unique opportunity to get hold of the next generation console from Microsoft. As known, Xbox Series X is the most powerful console with a computing capacity of over 12 TFlops. The console features a SoC created together with AMD based on 8 Zen 2 cores custom that work at 3.8 GHz in single thread or 3.66 GHz with SMT (Simultaneous Multi-Thread). There GPU, based on architecture Custom RDNA 2, capable of achieving a power of 12 TFlops thanks to 52 Compute Units (CU) working at 1825 MHz. The chip, made with an “improved” 7-nanometer manufacturing process, occupies an area of 360.45 square millimeters.

The new Xbox Series X supports the hardware accelerated ray tracing to “simulate the properties of light and sound in real time more accurately than any previous technology”.

The chip flanked by 16 GB of GDDR6 memory, which operate asynchronously. Ten GB are called “optimal GPU memory” by Microsoft, while the others are “standard memory”. The graphics chip uses 10 GB, while all the rest 6 GB, although audio operations by the CPU and input and output can also use the 10 GB, even if with performance equal to that of the memory set. from 6 GB.

So, keep an eye on this page and make sure you are there a few minutes before 7pm. It is highly probable, in fact, that the available consoles will sell very quickly.

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