violent storms between tonight and tomorrow

Central Italy is hit in these hours by a strong wave of bad weather with heavy rains and thunderstorms that are spoiling the summer trend undertaken by the atmosphere in recent weeks. The sharp worsening is also causing a sharp drop in temperatures, more noticeable in the locations affected by rainfall: emblematic is the case of Rome, affected by violent thunderstorms with peaks of 70mm of rain in the southern quadrant of the city, where the temperature plummeted to +16°C in broad daylight. But throughout Central Italy we have rains, thunderstorms and cloudy skies, as we can see from the latest satellite images:

As we can see from the maps, large flashes of sunshine remain only in the North / East, in fact the hottest city in Italy today is Pordenone with +31°C, followed by Verona, Trieste, Udine and Ferrara with +29°C. Many clouds also in the South, where bad weather will extend in the next few hours. As we can see in the image of the ISAC-CNR Moloch model, already in the afternoon / evening of today the most violent thunderstorms will hit Campania and Basilicata, then extending into Calabria and Sicily in the night, where local storms will occur in particular in the province of Cosenza, in the province of Messina and on Etna.

Thunderstorm weather warnings south of Italy 8 9 June 2021

Thunderstorm weather warnings south of Italy 8 9 June 2021

To monitor the bad weather in progress, here are the best pages of nowcasting:



violent storms tonight tomorrow

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