Jessica Antonini returns single | After Men and Women there is a crisis with Davide Lorusso

Jessica Antonini single Men and Women – Solonotizie24

Months full of work for Jessica Antonini, super busy with various commitments in her daily agenda with related trips to reach the pre-established location. For a few weeks now, however, fans have noticed the prolonged absence of Davide Lorusso from the ex of Men and Women and not only, given that the gossip was triggered by two posts shared by Antonini.

The path taken by Jessica Antonini, even if very short, he immediately conquered the audience of Men and Women, thanks to his tenacity and the way of experiencing the emotions he felt at that moment. Likewise Davide Lorusso he immediately found himself in the crosshairs of media attention for having been designated the perfect double of Can Yaman.

Their love story stems from an instinct of wanting to live the feelings away from the cameras, without having to wait for the natural end of path taken in the Men and Women program, as if everything were the result of a real need. In these hours, however, some rumors have been triggered regarding a possible crisis between the tronista and her boyfriend?

Jessica Antonini single Men and Women – Solonotizie24

Jessica and Davide in crisis?

This is the question that fans of Men and women have been going on for a few weeks now. The couple has never particularly loved living under the careful light of gossip, as Antonini herself later confirmed during a past interview with Men and Women where she stated: “We are not used to being exposed in the spotlight, so seeing people judge us and spread false rumors rocked us a little.”.

Yet, it was the same thing that triggered the rumors about a possible couple crisis Jessica Antonini who posted messages on his Instagram page that alarmed fans. Here’s what it is.

Jessica Antonini single Men and Women - Solonotizie24
Jessica Antonini single Men and Women – Solonotizie24

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Love hanging in the balance for Jessica because of Fabrizio Corona?

From the very beginning of their relationship Jessica Antonini and Davide Lorusso they wanted to live their relationship away from the spotlight of gossip and also from social networks, since there are not many couple photos shared by the two exes of Men and Women. The doubts about a possible crisis for the former tronista and the boyfriend were also fueled by the proximity of Antonini to Fabrizio Corona, with whom he collaborated on an advertising campaign. These rumors are not confirmed since one of her followers is Asia Argento, very present among the likes of the posts published.

Jessica Antonini single Men and Women - Solonotizie24
Jessica Antonini single Men and Women – Solonotizie24

Jessica Antonini regarding the alleged crisis he has not yet released any statement on the matter, but a clear signal about something wrong with the couple would come from the sentence published in his Instagram Stories where you can read: “What you neglect becomes someone else’s”.


Jessica Antonini returns single Men Women crisis Davide Lorusso

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