Michele Merlo family asks for investigation of the magistracy girlfriend

Michele Merlo family asks for investigation of the magistracy girlfriend
Michele Merlo family asks for investigation of the magistracy girlfriend

After the Ausl Bologna has launched “an internal investigation”, the parents of the missing young singer ask “the judiciary to carry out the necessary investigations to verify if there were any errors and / or omissions prior to hospitalization”

That something had gone wrong in the absurd and premature death of Michele Merlo had been suspected from the first moment. Now, however, after the Ausl Bologna asked “An internal investigation” in order to ascertain what happened in the days and hours prior to admission to the Reanimation ward of the Maggiore Hospital of Bologna, also the parents of the young singer who disappeared due to a cerebral hemorrhage triggered by a fulminant leukemia, have decided to “ask the judiciary to carry out the necessary investigations in order to verify whether there have been any errors and / or omissions prior to being admitted to the Major who irreversibly determined the fate of their child. “In short, Domenico and Katia, Michele’s parents, their only child who is no longer there, want to go to the bottom and understand if everything has been done or if something has been left out. The question to which the judiciary will have to try to answer is the most painful one for a parent: could our child have been saved? to file the formal complaint necessary to request the start of the procedures for the seizure of the body and medical records “.

The doubts in the visit to the Vergato hospital

In the same note, the parents thank all the medical and paramedical staff and the managers of the intensive care unit of the Maggiore Hospital in Bologna for the professionalism and humanity shown in the terrible hours that preceded the death of their son. And by doing so they make it even more evident that doubts are pinned on previous stage of the via crucis of the boy who Wednesday 2 June, or the day before ending up at the Major, he went to the emergency room of another hospital in the Bologna area, the Vergato hospital, which had sent him home. In that hospital, Michele “appears to have been visited by the continuity of care doctor” and the punctual reconstruction of the emergency rescue that took place the next day, which led to the intervention and hospitalization in resuscitation, is still underway “. of the Bologna Ausl gave “mandate to the company risk manager to proceed to activate the process for a clinical risk audit.” In addition, the parents also take advantage of this press release to inform that the date of the funeral will be communicated only after the judicial authority will have decided what actions to take.

The sweet words of his girlfriend Luna

Meanwhile, the emotion and pain of friends, colleagues and fans for this so absurd death does not subside. Michele’s girlfriend also intervened on social media with a really moving post. Here is what Luna wrote: “Thank you, thank you for everything, forever in my heart. Destiny made us meet and as if by magic it made us live moments of pure love, of immense joy in small moments and gestures, the ones we loved so much. I thank you infinitely for making me believe in myself and in love. I do not know when and if I will be ready to dive back into this world, but I will succeed, I promise you my heart, because the strength you have given me no one else will ever be able to give it to me. I will live life to the full for you and me, you will always be in all my moments and thoughts. Now stop dreaming and fly among the stars and dive into the sea “.


Michele Merlo family asks investigation magistracy girlfriend

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