Chico Forti, his uncle’s appeal: “He is exhausted, Italy urges the US”

08 June 2021 18:00

The extradition process for the TV producer in prison in the US for 20 years has not been released: “If the Italian government does not prompt – says the uncle – the Americans will not be rushed”

“The latest email from Chico Forti is from last week: he is still in a state prison in Florida.extradition in Italy he must first be transferred to a federal prison by the US Department of Justice “- explains his uncle, who then continues:” If the Italian government does not urge the Americans, they certainly do not get rushed “.

The Farnesina – dice – did its job, now the Ministry of Justice must do it. If the first letter to the American authorities has not been answered, I hope the minister Cartabia send another. By now Chico’s emails arrive in fits and starts. In the last, apart from personal matters, he wrote that he has full confidence that the Italian institutions will shorten his wait as much as possible. But we understand that it is an atrocious situation “.

At the heart of the delays, there would be a bureaucratic issue: the documents, which the United States Department of Justice should have sent to the Ministry of Justice to agree on the commutation of the sentence and relative transfer, would never arrive in Italy. “Without these documents Chico cannot return – underlines Gianni Forti – From the announcement by Minister Di Maio it seemed that a few weeks would pass, we were expecting him on February 14 for the birthday of his mother who turned 93, then at Easter, and finally in May. Instead, still nothing. We are stuck at the stake“.


Chico Forti uncles appeal exhausted Italy urges

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