Coronavirus, the bulletin of June 8: in Sicily 337 new cases and another 12 deaths

Coronavirus, the bulletin of June 8: in Sicily 337 new cases and another 12 deaths
Coronavirus, the bulletin of June 8: in Sicily 337 new cases and another 12 deaths

CATANIA – Covid cases in Sicily return to rise afterwards the very low number of infections recorded yesterday. Today, second the bulletin of the Ministry of Health, in Sicily there are 337 new cases of coronavirus (out of 22,004 tampons processed by the regional health system) and another 12 deaths. Numbers practically doubled compared to 156 infections the previous day (out of 9,759 temponi). And Catania has always registered the highest number of infections with over half of all cases today on the island: 176 infections in the province of Etna.

Data therefore not exactly comforting for Sicily which from today is the Region of Italy where the Sars-CoV-2 epidemic is most widespread. In fact, the island is the first in the whole country for the number of new infections and has an incidence higher than 1.5% on the day when the country drops below 1 after a long time.

With the new 337 cases, the total of current positives in the island (also by virtue of healings) is 7,706 (-177 compared to 7,883 yesterday), of which 7,296 in home isolation (yesterday they were 7,448), 368 hospitalized with symptoms in Covid hospital wards (yesterday 392), and 42 more seriously hospitalized in intensive care units (yesterday they were 43) with 0 new entries in the last 24 hours (even yesterday they were 0).

Total cases of coronavirus in Sicily since the beginning of the pandemic they have thus reached 228,017 (yesterday they were 227,680), while the healings have arrived at 214,423 with 502 Sicilians who have been discharged or declared recovered from Covid in the last 24 hours. The victims, on the other hand, with the last 12, reached 5,888.

At the provincial level, as mentioned, Catania is always the Sicilian province that records the greatest number of new cases. In the Etna area, 176 new positives were intercepted by swabs, six times more than the 25 cases in the capital Palermo. Then there are Agrigento with 56, Messina with 23, Caltanissetta with 20, Ragusa 16, Syracuse 12, Trapani with 8 and Enna with 1.

In Italy

There are 102 deaths from Covid recorded in the last 24 hours (yesterday there were 65). The positives were 1,896, up slightly from yesterday’s 1,273, according to data from the Ministry of Health. In total, the cases since the beginning of the epidemic are 4,235,592, the deaths 126,690. The discharged and healed are instead 3,927,176, with an increase of 8,519 compared to yesterday, while the currently positive drop to 181,726, down by 6,727 in the last 24 hours.

The Covid positive rate only the 1% threshold fell for the first time in several months: according to data from the Ministry of Health, it is today at 0.8% (yesterday it was 1.5%). There are 220,917 molecular and antigenic swabs for the coronavirus carried out in the last 24 hours in Italy. Yesterday there were 84,567.

There are 688 patients admitted to intensive care for Covid in Italy, with a decrease of 71 compared to yesterday in the daily balance between income and expenses. The daily admissions, according to data from the Ministry of Health, were 17 (yesterday they were 25).

Inpatients with symptoms in ordinary departments there are 4,685, down 225 units compared to yesterday (when the drop was 283). There are 176,353 people in home isolation, down by 6,431 compared to yesterday.

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