In Italy 1,896 new cases and 102 deaths

In Italy 1,896 new cases and 102 deaths
In Italy 1,896 new cases and 102 deaths

Covid emergency, the number of new positives increases compared to a number of tests almost tripled compared to yesterday. The inmates are decreasing

ROMA — In the last 24 hours in Italy they died 102 people sick with Covid-19 (yesterday 65). With this increase, deaths from the pandemic rise to 126.690.

The new cases of coronavirus positivity are 1.896, up from 1,273 yesterday. The total number of infected persons ascertained in Italy is 4.235.592.

The 1,896 cases today have emerged from the analysis of 220.917 tests between molecular and antigenic swabs (84,567), of which lo 0,8% it tested positive (yesterday 1.5%).

In the ordinary covid departments of the Italian hospitals the hospitalized are 4.685, that is 225 less of yesterday. In the terapie intensive There are 688 patients, that is 71 less of yesterday.

The currently positives in Italy are 181.726, that is 6,727 less than yesterday. The healed and the discharged are 3.927.176.

The regions with more cases today they are Sicily (337), Lombardy (291) and Campania (251).

To read the Covid of Tuscany bulletin click here.

Today’s data in Italy, downloadable in pdf below


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