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A special day for Stash and his partner Giulia Belmonte, who baptized their five-month-old daughter Grace this weekend. The story of the ceremony was carried forward, step by step, by the singer and the showgirl through their Instagram profiles. A day dedicated to affection in a fairytale setting, that of the Amalfi coast. To dress the new parents, then, a luxury brand: Dolce and Gabbana.

Grace’s baptism

The rite was celebrated in the Cathedral of Ravello on Saturday 5 June. “I tried to imagine this moment several times and I never expected it would be so beautiful”, wrote Giulia via social media, “My family, my safe place, my heart, I could not wish for anything else”. “There is no more sincere look than yours, no more sincere love than you, no more sincere smile than yours. You made me realize how intense every second of life can be. Best wishes little Grace,” echoed Stash.

Striking are the looks of the two sweethearts, both branded Dolce and Gabbana, a brand that the singer himself thanks in the caption. Two-piece suit, blue and white, finished with decorative motifs for him, pink and fitted lace dress for her. All around the magic of one of the most beautiful buildings in Romanesque and Baroque styles. And, a detail not to be overlooked, even the little girl’s dress is signed by Sicilian stylists.

The case of Pescara airport

A day of serenity after the media case that involved the couple in recent weeks, when the two reported an episode of inefficiency at the Pescara airport, only to receive a reply from the same structure in reply. Stash had come to talk of “harassment” suffered by little Grace for the wait and for the missed departure of her companion on a flight to Milan Linate, but the airport replied: “The passenger showed up at security checks 15 minutes later the scheduled closing time of the flight; the passenger did not have a regular ticket for the infant. The airline’s ticketing system does not allow the issuance of tickets for flights that are already closed “.

The airport replies to Stash (and does it black): “The girlfriend was late and without a ticket”

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