are to be resumed, watch out for these 15 – SOS Fanta

are to be resumed, watch out for these 15 – SOS Fanta
are to be resumed, watch out for these 15 – SOS Fanta

on June 8, 2021 at 3:45 pm

The Fantaeuropeo (here how to play) will start in a few days and the fantasy coaches can go wild taking players of the caliber of Mbappè or Kane. But there are also those who are traditionalists and prefer to focus on those who play in Serie A, perhaps who have made them win fantasy football. So here are ten names (plus five) of players to be picked up, not counting those of the Italian national team.

Let’s start with a possible Euro 2020 top scorer such as Lukaku. In Belgium, both the coach and his team-mates are talking about a Romelu that has changed a lot in the last two years. The group against Denmark, Finland and Russia is within reach and therefore Big Rom is a very first choice. Even more so if he has already made you win fantasy football. Always in Inter there is also Perisic that an excellent midfielder, in Croatia has always done well and ensures bonuses. Eriksen in Denmark he is leader and beacon, he is not sure of passing the group but it is not an impossible feat either. The same goes for Kjaer, which of Denmark is the defensive certainty. A low cost for the Fantaeuropeo.

Speaking of defenders, D is also listed at the Fantaeuropeo Gosens, who in fantasy football we know very well as a goalscorer. Well, just yesterday the German scored his first goal for the national team. Also in Atalanta there is another player in great shape who is Malinovskyi: in Ukraine it is probably the most important element, the one that stands out. We know how devastating it can be on free kick. He does not play in one of the favorite national teams but it can be a good group card, never say never given that Group C is not prohibitive and the national team coached by Shevchenko made an excellent qualification.

Poland’s too Zielinski he hopes for qualification, which is not impossible in the group with Spain, Slovakia and Sweden. Piotr has been an excellent midfielder at fantasy football and will now be able to assist for Lewandowski. Let’s go back to very high profile names and then here it is Cristiano Ronaldo, another of the possible top scorers of the competition. The Portuguese is also unleashed in the national team, the group is still difficult with France and Germany as opponents. We close with two starting midfielders: Calhanoglu in Turkey (set pieces and some bonuses) e Freuler strong point of Switzerland (3 goals in 29 international appearances). They are both opponents of Italy.

But also pay attention to five former wards of fantasy football that you find at the Fantaeuropeo. The memory of Chestnuts he is very fresh, he will be able to do well with Belgium. Hamsik it is only for nostalgics, he will not have an easy life with his Slovakia of which he is the leader. Pogba is a decidedly different name, one of the best midfielders ever and plays on the favorite team. To the fantasy coaches it brings back great memories. He had done less good for fanta than for him Bruno Fernandes but now he too is one of the best midfielders in Europe. One to focus on with your eyes closed. Staying in Portugal, Joao Cancel is among the best possible solutions in defense. One as a bonus.


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