Bad weather, Gattamelata kindergarten flooded, 90 children evacuated, Fire Brigade help needed.

“It was a bad adventure, but it could have become a – yet another – tragedy linked to the insecurity of Italian school buildings” write the mothers of some of the approximately 90 children of the Gattamelata kindergarten, who yesterday, while a strong storm, they were evacuated from kindergarten. The prefabricated modules, in fact, flooded, resulting in the intervention of the fire brigade.

“In the space of a few minutes, in fact, the water – the mothers write – began to enter through windows, skylights, air conditioners and roof intersections; a real waterfall that, in short, flooded the floors by a few centimeters and destroyed materials, electronic equipment and children’s work. In the excitement of the situation, with the children scared and crying, and given the real fears of a short circuit in the electrical system, it was decided to evacuate and, always in the pouring rain, the children, from 3 years to 5, went out into the street accompanied by the fire brigade who arrived on the spot “.

“Having overcome, at least in part, the fear, however – continues the letter from the parents -, anger at a situation of unease and insecurity that has been going on for 7 years now; in fact, in 2015, the kindergarten was closed due to roof repair work and since then, between failed businesses and unspecified delays, children have been left without school.

The prefabricated buildings, on which some parents had already shown doubts regarding the safety and the absence of some important premises (canteen, sleeping room, Covid room), had been delivered by the Municipality in October 2020 and presented as a temporary solution in view of the closure, shortly thereafter, of the renovation of the school “. (HANDLE).

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