A country claims to have defeated the coronavirus: the announcement

Norway claims to have eradicated Sars-CoV-2. This was written on Twitter, as reported by Corriere, by the medical director of the Public Health Institute of the Scandinavian country, Preben Aavitsland, publishing, in support of his assertion, a graph showing the minimum level of hospital admissions since the end of the last summer.

Here in Norway the pandemic is, so to speak, over. We can prepare for the coronavirus taking up very little space in our lives. However, the advice I give is to continue to respect the rules we have set ourselves. If we continue to do so soon we will really get rid of Covid “.

Concept reiterated with a metaphor on Aavitsland state TV: “A fire chief would say that the fire is extinguished, the danger for people and their homes has disappeared, but small flames remain here and there and we must remain vigilant ”.

A conviction which, however, does not find everyone in Norway and which has provoked a debate among experts. Although in the country the anti-contagion measures are already less severe, such as the lack of the obligation to wear a mask, the deputy director of the Norwegian Health Directorate, Espen Nakstad, remembers that it is still too early to say victory.

“We are witnessing a progressive and encouraging decline in hospitalizations but the pandemic is not over yet; Although in Norway we can see lower and lower infection rates as more people are vaccinated, it must be remembered that the Delta variant is spreading fairly quickly in the UK. This means that we cannot fully relax in Norway until everyone has received their second dose of the vaccine ”.

The vaccination campaign in Norway has reached 28% coverage of the population with 42% of the inhabitants receiving at least one dose. Thanks to its isolated location, low population density and immediate interventions upon the outbreak of the epidemic, the country has also recorded one of the lowest infection rates in Europe. But as Nakstad pointed out again, all of this is still not enough as “it will not be completely over in Norway until it is over in other countries as well”.

Virgil News | 08-06-2021 16:47

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