New Linate Airport | Present Mattarella

Solemn ceremony at Linate airport, where on Tuesday 8 June the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella visited the new boarding area of ​​the Milanese airport after the restyling carried out by Sea Spa during the long months of lockdown.

“Design, technology and sustainability are the three key words of this intervention – explains the CEO of Sea Milano, Armando Brunini -. After the renovation of the facade in 2018, we are now moving forward with the new boarding area, more technological, greener. and welcoming, but above all faster and more comfortable for travelers. The checks, in particular, have been speeded up thanks to new instruments that allow passengers not to have to remove liquids and electronic equipment from their luggage, thus guaranteeing greater safety, spacing and boarding speed “.

“Sea’s choice to complete the works started two years ago, before the COVID, was a courageous choice. A well-motivated courage and confidence in the future”, Mattarella said, adding that “this port is an example” of how it can restart the country. “Air traffic in the last year has been very compressed, there has been an almost zero”, added the Head of State: “This places an obligation on the institutions to pay attention to the importance of air transport. Yes. requires particular attention to support and encourage the recovery of transport and tourism “.


Linate Airport Present Mattarella

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