“You will have to give us the strength to go on”

“You will have to give us the strength to go on”
“You will have to give us the strength to go on”

Mother Katia’s message on social media after Michele Merlo’s death.

Michele Merlo tragically passed away following a cerebral hemorrhage due to fulminant leukemia. After dad Domenico and his girlfriend Luna, in the last hours also the mother Katia he wanted to greet the young singer in his own way on social media.

The message of pain from Michele Merlo’s mother

“Hello my great love. Say hello to everyone up there” wrote the Michele’s mother accompanying the words full of pain to the piece ‘Nuvole Bianche’ by Ludovico Einaudi “But remember that we are here below and it will be you who will have to give us the strength to go on, otherwise we can’t do it !!! ok? You will always be my life. ‘Mamma Katia’, you always called me that. . I hug you with your favorite song “.

The words of Katia thus they join those of her husband Domenico and those of Michele’s girlfriend, Luna. The young woman has in fact decided to come out and remember the boy in this way: “Thank you, thank you for everything, forever in my heart. Destiny made us meet and as if by magic it made us live moments of pure love, of immense joy in small moments and gestures, the ones we loved so much. I thank you infinitely for making me believe in myself and in love. I do not know when and if I will be ready to dive back into this world, but I will succeed, I promise you my heart, because the strength you have given me no one else will ever be able to give it to me. at full life for me and for you, you will always be in all my moments and thoughts. Now stop dreaming and fly among the stars and dive into the sea. Lulu “.

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A real tragedy which, however, seems to hide many shadows. Reason why the family of Michele requested theautopsy on the body of the young artist from Amici. “We will also ask for an autopsy on Michele’s body. Then we can think about the funeral and give him a last farewell” said the father Domenico. For i Merlo’s funeral, then we will still have to wait.


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