“Incoerenza vulgar”, the hot cannon shot – Libero Quotidiano

“Incoerenza vulgar”, the hot cannon shot – Libero Quotidiano
“Incoerenza vulgar”, the hot cannon shot – Libero Quotidiano

Francesco Fredella

08 June 2021

And now the victory of Awed, first place in theIsland of the famous, leaves someone speechless. Thus, there is no shortage of twists and especially low blows. First, to point the finger at the winner is Luca Vismara. Which says: “vulgar inconsistency”. A real cannon shot. Awed beat the competition with a victory that split everyone. Vismara on Twitter has torn Awed to pieces, arrived at the island of the famous thanks to the popularity of the Net. And speaking of this step, Vismara says he is fed up with the webstar in reality shows. “I would no longer choose web stars in a reality show if you then have to vote via the web. The public’s vote is distorted a little. Indeed, more than a little …”, he thunders on Twitter.

The low blows at the grand final are not lacking and even Tommaso Zorzi loses his temper. versus Andrea Cerioli. “Andrea was comfortable and parac *** or even in the final, just like that because he is like this in life”, another great cannon. The final de The Island Of The Famous, which begins with the elimination of Matteo Diamante and with a challenge that sends two castaways to televoting, he gives other twists. Surely unexpected. Zorzi’s words are very clear because Andrea Cerioli, winner of the challenge, sends flash televoting together with Ignazio Moser e Beatrice Marchetti. And save Awed and Valentina persia (second classified).

But Awed’s victory agrees with all his supporters, to whom he dedicates first place. “I dedicate the victory to my loved ones and friends and all the people who have followed me since 2012…”, he says after being proclaimed the winner. “Bravo, your victory was well deserved …”, replies Blasi. Awed wins 100mila euro, of which 50mil will be donated to charity. “No, I don’t believe it,” he comments.

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Incoerenza vulgar hot cannon shot Libero Quotidiano

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