Michele Merlo, the prosecutor investigates for murder: funeral postponed

The Public Prosecutor of Bologna has opened a file against unknown persons with the alleged crime of murder culpable for the death of Michele Merlo, aka Mike Bird. This was communicated by the chief prosecutor Giuseppe Amato to Repubblica, explaining that it is a necessary act to ensure that theautopsy on the young artist’s body and that “the activities investigative connected “.

The singer, 28, was killed by one cerebral hemorrhage triggered by a fulminant leukemia. The magistrates will now have to check “if there have been mistakes O omissions”That may have“ irreversibly determined the fate ”of the young man before being admitted to the Maggiore hospital in Bologna.

Michele Merlo, because an investigation has been opened

The investigation was opened following the complaint filed by Michele Merlo’s parents, who also asked for the seizure of the body and of medical records.

According to what emerged in recent days, the young artist, who became famous for having participated in the talent Amici di Maria De Filippi, “he had been sick for days”And had already gone to the Vergato emergency room.

There the symptoms he presented had been confused with a simple one flu form, so the singer was sent home with a prescription antibiotic.

Michele Merlo himself had sent a message to the girlfriend, complaining about the treatment received. “They tell me that I clog up the emergency room for two plaques in the throat“, He would have written to her, as Repubblica reports.

The investigators will have to understand if the wrong diagnosis may have prevented the correct treatment of Amici’s former competitor and if the young man could be saved. Meanwhile, the Ausl has also opened one internal investigation.

Michele Merlo, funeral postponed for autopsy

Sui social, la mother Katia wrote: “Hello my great love. Say hello to everyone up there. But remember that we are here below and it will be you who you will have to give us strength to go on, otherwise we can’t do it ”.

I funeral of the boy can only be celebrated after the autopsy examination and only after the judiciary has ordered “what actions to take”, as declared by the lawyers of Michele Merlo’s family.

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