Europeans, Florenzi: “Mbappe the strongest in the world. Turkey? Dangerous on set pieces”

Europeans, Florenzi: “Mbappe the strongest in the world. Turkey? Dangerous on set pieces”
Europeans, Florenzi: “Mbappe the strongest in the world. Turkey? Dangerous on set pieces”

The former Roma player, teammate of the French champion at PSG: “France is the favorite, but we can undermine them too.” The blue group is there. Even off the pitch: “Last night he trumped with Pellegrini and playstation with Belotti- Property … “.

From our correspondent Fabio Licari

June 8
– Florence

But do you really run less in Italy? Do our clubs really struggle in the cups because the training sessions are less intense? Alessandro Florenzi, who works in France with PSG, has a privileged point of view: “There is no such difference between Italy, Spain, England, France. It’s the way you run, stick, wait. If you see the data with the Czech Republic, they outclassed us on the race, on the physical aspect, but we won 4-0. Mancini makes us run well… ”. A year in Paris and now who knows for Florenzi: “I don’t think about it, I don’t read the newspapers and after the Euro I’ll go on vacation. We’ll see. I just know that I really want to play these European Championships, I feel stronger than five years ago and it will be good at the Olimpico. I miss the people, 15 thousand will always be few in an 80 thousand stadium, but it will be exciting in a field that has seen me grow “.

mbappé super

“His” France is perhaps the favorite: “Hanno Mbappé, I’ve seen him all year and he’s the strongest in the tournament, perhaps in the world. How does it stop? Do you have any advice? … I’m just playing as a team. They are world champions. They are favorites. But winning is not taken for granted, a corner kick can change everything, we can also undermine it ”. The blue group is there. Even off the pitch: “Last night trump with Pellegrini and then playstation with the neighbors Belotti-Immobile …”.

we study turkey

Friday debut against Turkey: “A national team with strong players, solid. Burak Yilmaz comes from an unfortunately excellent season in Lille, I have seen him personally. They are organized, we are studying them. They are the ones who pull the most from outside, they are dangerous on set pieces with Calhanoglu, we know that we must not fouls to the limit ”.


“The two coaches are different, but both have a path that can be successful. With Conte we often did two training sessions a day, not now, but that’s not it. They are different. Speaking of national teams, perhaps this one has more qualities, but you have to show them: if you go out in the group stage you have done worse ”.

vaccine privilege

Spain has re-proposed the vaccine problem. “Yes, basically we were privileged, but what would have happened if there had been a positive? I didn’t do it because I had Covid. We thank the authorities ”. As the communications manager Paolo Corbi points out, “the Azzurri were vaccinated only after having exhausted the cycle for all categories at risk”.

of reds and goshawks

Florenzi, excited by the mural dedicated to Astori (“I can’t say anything …”), talks about the new / old teammate De Rossi: “He has everything to become a great coach, and by all I don’t mean just the football basics but empathy . Many A coaches, when they get in tune with the players, can hardly do anything tactical. Maybe one day, when I stop playing, he’ll want me with him… ”.

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Europeans Florenzi Mbappe strongest world Turkey Dangerous set pieces

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