among the suspects also two carabinieri and an agent

among the suspects also two carabinieri and an agent
among the suspects also two carabinieri and an agent

AGI – Association aimed at the illegal trafficking of narcotic substances, possession and sale of narcotic substances, corruption for acts contrary to official duties, disclosure and use of office secrets, unauthorized access to computer or telematic system, illegal possession and public of weapons and ammunition, aggravated theft.

These are the crimes charged in various ways to 22 people investigated in the context of the “Cleopatra” operation, which allowed the carabinieri of the Prima Porta Station and the Compagnia di Roma Cassia and the agents of the Flaminio Nuovo police station to dismantle a criminal organization consisting mainly of subjects of North African and Italian origin, at the top of which was an Egyptian.

According to the investigators, the gang also included a policeman and two carabinieri who would have provided confidential information to ensure the continuation of the activities sales and allow associates to evade the intervention of the police. During the investigation, launched in February 2018, a total of about 2 kilos of cocaine were seized.

Of the 22 suspects, 11 were joined by a precautionary custody order in prison, 6 ended up under house arrest and 5 subjected to a ban on staying in the municipality of Rome with the obligation of presentation to the judicial police.

The organization operated in particular in the cocaine dealing sector near the entrance to the Flaminio Cemetery, at the flower stand number 14 used as a logistic base, with peaks of 400 outlets per day. The operating methods of the drug dealers were well tested: the ‘customers’, in fact, mostly by car and without even getting out of their vehicles, approached people who apparently dealt with the sale of flowers, paying the due and receiving the quantity required drug.

The pushers took drugs from flower pots, from the flowerbed adjacent to the sales counter or from the bush adjacent to the Via Flaminia, at the flower stand. In the evening and at night, consumers were escorted to the roundabout of the “Montebello” railway station where, beyond a wire mesh and hidden by dense vegetation, there were other pushers who delivered the drug directly to the buyer. this time forced to get out of the car.

To facilitate the sale, two small cars were even used to accompany customers near the drug dealer on duty. Subsequently, this operating mode, also due to the interventions of the police forces over time, had been perfected always using the flower stand number 14 as a logistic base, but moving the sales activity on via Flaminia, on the alley and at a butcher bar. The profits deriving from the sale could reach peaks of 20 thousand euros per day, considering the peaks of the weekend. The order of precautionary measures was issued by the investigating judge of the Court of Rome, at the request of the Rome public prosecutor – District Anti-Mafia Directorate.

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