Covid, 6 Regions towards herd immunity in August

Covid, 6 Regions towards herd immunity in August
Covid, 6 Regions towards herd immunity in August

L’herd immunity is an ever closer goal e six Regions they could reach it already during the month of August according to current forecasts, immunizing at least 70% of residents.

The vaccination campaign is proceeding swiftly throughout the country, but some regions are running more than others, obtaining better results than the national average: this is Campania, Abruzzo, Lombardy, Puglia, Molise e Lazio. All the other regions, on the other hand, will exceed in September with the exception of the Province of Trento which will join it in October.

Herd immunity: the calendar region by region

By the end of August 6 regions could reach the much desired herd immunity. Proceeding with this speed, Campania, Abruzzo, Lombardy, Puglia, Molise and Lazio could succeed 70% of citizens covered with a complete cycle or with the Johnson & Johnson single-dose. Here is the calendar region by region

  • Abruzzo 24 August
  • Basilicata 1 September
  • Calabria 16 September
  • Campania 20 August
  • Emilia Romagna 21 September
  • Friuli Venezia Giulia 3 September
  • Lazio 30 August
  • Liguria 11 September
  • Lombardy 24 August
  • March 4 September
  • Molise 29 August
  • Piedmont 22 September
  • Province of Bolzano 9 September
  • Province of Trento 4 October
  • Puglia 26 August
  • Sardinia 11 September
  • Sicily 3 September
  • Tuscany 14 September
  • Umbria 12 September
  • Aosta Valley 10 September
  • Veneto 20 September

The estimate of the dates, drawn up by Corriere della Sera, was calculated by crossing the number of citizens already covered with a double dose with the trend of the administration of the last week. Clearly the accuracy of the projection will depend on several factors including the stable maintenance of the number of injections daily, from supplies of vaccine and from membership rate to the vaccination campaign.

Vaccinate 80% of the population by September

The goal that General Figliuolo has set himself is to vaccinate at least the80% of the population by mid-September, and for this very reason he raised the bar by asking to administer at least 550,000 doses per day.

According to the general, it is realistic to administer both doses of the vaccine at about 43.4 million people, that is 80% of the audience of 54.3 million Italians aged 12 and over. A crucial role in achieving the goal is the adhesion rate to the vaccination campaign. At the moment most of the over 60s have already been vaccinated, now it will be young people who will have to undergo immunization against Covid-19.

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