Michele Merlo: the last goodbye of the girlfriend

Michele Merlo: the last goodbye of the girlfriend
Michele Merlo: the last goodbye of the girlfriend

Yesterday the devastating news of the death of the 28-year-old singer Michele Merlo, aka Mike Bird. After his death, the moving dedication of the girl Luna Shirin Rasia: “Thanks for everything, romantic rebel”.

Mike Bird, this is the stage name of the young singer, former competitor of Friends of Maria De Filippi, has always been reserved about his personal sphere. The girl from Michele Merlo it was in fact unknown to most people, before the young man’s disappearance.

The two lived a pure and true love, it is clear from the words that Luna Program Russia he spent on his profile Instagram to say a very difficult “goodbye”: that of the loved one.

The news of the death of Michele Merlo he shook everyone, from those obviously close to him to the whole world of Italian music and beyond. Many colleagues from Mike Bird who have shown the pain of the loss of the young singer (like his mentor ad Friends, Emma Marrone).

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Even the girlfriend of Michele he decided to greet the singer “publicly”, with touching and heartfelt words. Before yesterday, the two had decided not to publicly disclose their relationship. They lived their love and lived it sincerely, without the need to “show it to the world”.

After yesterday, on the profile of Luna Program Russia a post and stories appeared to “greet” the 28-year-old singer.

Luana’s greeting: “You, us. Thanks for everything, romantic rebel “.

A photo at sunset, a boy driving the car of which only the outline can be seen. A description that suggests everything: this is the story that appeared on the Instagram profile of Luna Program Russia, after the news of the death of her fiancé, Michele Merlo.

Michele suffered a cerebral hemorrhage caused by a fulminant leukemia that Michele he didn’t know he had. Luna, to which Michele he had sent a voice the night he was sent home from the emergency room, he decided to greet the boy on social media as well.

After the story, a post consisting of multiple photos appeared. Daily moments shared with esteem and love between the two young engaged couples, with the touching description of Luna Program Russia, student at the University of Bologna:

“Thank you, thank you for everything, forever in my heart. Destiny made us meet and as if by magic it made us live moments of pure love, of immense joy in small moments and gestures, the ones we loved so much. I thank you infinitely for making me believe in myself and in love. I do not know when and if I will be ready to dive back into this world, but I will succeed, I promise you my heart, because the strength you have given me no one else will ever be able to give it to me. I will live life to the full for you and me, you will always be in all my moments and thoughts Now stop dreaming and fly among the stars and dive into the sea “.

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