Tesla raises the prices of its electric cars: here’s why

Tesla raises the prices of its electric cars: here’s why
Tesla raises the prices of its electric cars: here’s why

The increase, according to Elon Musk, is due to the shortage of semiconductors that is putting the automotive sector in crisis. The swing in Tesla electric car prices should be momentary

The price of Tesla vehicles is progressively increasing due to the crisis in the semiconductor supply chain, which is affecting the entire automotive industry. This was declared by Elon Musk himself, CEO of the company, in response to a tweet in which a user asked him the reasons for the increase in the prices of the models.

The chip crisis

The user in question complained about the policy taken by the American company on pricing: “I don’t like the direction Tesla is going, by raising vehicle prices, but by removing features such as lumbar support for the Model Y …” , the user’s words on Twitter. Last May Tesla raised the prices of the Model 3 and Model Y in what is now the fifth consecutive price increase applied by the car manufacturer. During an earnings conference call in April, Musk said Tesla had faced “some of the toughest supply chain challenges,” citing the chip shortage as the main reason. “We are mostly out of that particular problem,” the American businessman then reassured. The price fluctuations, therefore, should be temporary, as the American house expects to return to normal in the coming months.

Removed lumbar support from Model 3 and Y

In response to the removal of the passenger-side lumbar support in the Model Y, Musk said, “The movable lumbar support has been removed only in the front passenger seat of the 3 / Y. The logs have shown almost no use. So it’s an expense. superfluous for us, as it is hardly ever used “. In this regard, a few days ago the site Electrek reported that new Tesla Model Y owners are reporting that their electric SUVs are being delivered without passenger-side lumbar support. And he reiterates: “The increase in prices is due to the strong pressure that is overwhelming the supply chain in the sector. In particular raw materials “.

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