Car tax refund 2020: form of support from the Lombardy Region

Car tax refund 2020: form of support from the Lombardy Region
Car tax refund 2020: form of support from the Lombardy Region

A form of help for all commercial agents from the Lombardy region, which has decided to compensate everyone for the car tax paid last year; a decision that aims to support a sector hit by the Covid-19 crisis, by lost revenues and by the drop in turnover.

The Regional Councilor for Economic Development Guido Guidesi said: “This is a further one support to Lombard companies in support of a specific sector. With this measure we have concretized the commitment assumed by the Executive together with the Regional Council ”. The new measure was approved by the executive of the Lombardy Region.

The aim is to support a slice of workers hard hit economically from the consequences brought by the Coronavirus pandemic. Unfortunately, trade intermediaries in Lombardy have experienced a very dark period, for this reason the Region wants to help them with the non-repayable contribution, which is equal to the value of the car tax that the sales agents paid during 2020.

A form of support therefore linked to the vehicle ownership tax, which will be available for micro-enterprises registered and active in the Business Register. The subjects affected by this form of aid from the Lombardy Region will be the trade intermediaries, the intermediaries of cars and light motor vehicles, of other motor vehicles, of parts and accessories of motor vehicles, of motorcycles and mopeds and of parts and accessories for motorcycles. and mopeds.

Recall that the car tax is the possession tax of a vehicle, to be paid every year. The deadline is set within the month following that of the registration of the vehicle itself. However, all obliged subjects who reside in Lombardy and Piedmont do not have to follow this rule and can pay the stamp duty on pre-established dates:

  • by 20 January 2021 if the stamp expired in December 2020;
  • by 31 May 2021 if the stamp expires in April 2021;
  • by 30 September 2021 if the stamp expires in August 2021.

How can I pay the car tax? Here are the modalities you can choose from:

  • bank domiciliation;
  • Home Banking;
  • authorized ATMs;
  • SISAL and Lottomatica points of sale;
  • online on the Poste Italiane app or website or through post offices;
  • Satispay;
  • on the ACI website;
  • from IO, the public services app;
  • on the Revenue Agency website;
  • from 30 June 2020 it is possible to pay via PagoPA, a payment system created by the Revenue Agency.

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