who had Anna Corona’s cell phone. New witness in the Prosecutor’s Office – Time

who had Anna Corona’s cell phone. New witness in the Prosecutor’s Office – Time
who had Anna Corona’s cell phone. New witness in the Prosecutor’s Office – Time

The broadcast of Rai 1 Italian Stories conducted by Eleonora Daniele is back on the Denise Pipitone case. Many elements emerged in the last few days that could be useful to the investigators of the Marsala prosecutor’s office, which recently opened a new investigation into the alleged kidnapping of the child who disappeared from Mazara del Vallo, to find a truth that has been missing for 17 years.

In the studio comes the confirmation of a news about the position of Anna Corona, the ex-wife of Piero Pulizzi, father of the little Denise Pipitone, who has been examined by investigators again. The day after the child’s disappearance, “Mrs. Corona was at work”, but her phone card “may have been given to someone else”. “We have no certainty about it” explains the correspondent, but the suspicion is strong: “If Anna Corona was at work this cell phone was in someone’s hands” says the presenter in reference to the movements of the cell phone in the hours following the disappearance of the child. next day. “Hook” the cells “to Carini, Partinico, Trapani … Anna Corona did not have it”.

On the table also the “aid” external to the investigation. Like the letter sent in recent days to the lawyer of Piera Maggio, Denise’s mother, Giacomo Frazzitta. “The lawyer would have already met the lawyer and would have scheduled a meeting in the prosecutor’s office,” reveals a reporter for the broadcast. But what does the letter say? “There would be details about the people in the car where Denise would be seen and the route taken” to take her away. It is very likely that he is not the author of the anonymous letter popped up in recent weeks, demonstrating that there are several people who have decided to speak. Will it mark a turning point in the investigation? It is early to say, all the leads will have to be examined “.

In the letter presented yesterday at 2 pm, signed, a new alleged witness offers his help to the investigators and accuses Claudio Corona, Anna’s brother, the ex-wife of Denise’s biological father. But he says he will never be “a collaborator of justice”. What do you want to say to the magistrates, then?

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