“Pagliacciata alla Rocco Casalino”, as the “king” of the M5s will crown him – Libero Quotidiano

“Pagliacciata alla Rocco Casalino”, as the “king” of the M5s will crown him – Libero Quotidiano
“Pagliacciata alla Rocco Casalino”, as the “king” of the M5s will crown him – Libero Quotidiano

Rocco Casalino, who took care of the image of Giuseppe Conte at Palazzo Chigi, is dealing with the return to the field of the former prime minister as political leader of the Five Stars movement. Two events are scheduled, but first the Charter of Values ​​and the new M5s Statute will be presented which, among other things, will change the internal structure. “The new Statute has been written for some time and Rocco and Conte have it in their hands”, refer sources grilline toHuffington Post. There is talk of an announcement with great fanfare, also broadcast online from Rome, with a completely new scenography and, of course, Conte in the foreground.

The former premier will be accompanied by grillini ministers and group leaders. The new Statute could be symbolically presented by the new party headquarters, near Montecitorio: “It is a project on which a lot of focus has been placed”. The five-man directorate will disappear from the new rules, the members of which have never been chosen, and the figure of the sole political leader will be included. Who will be the former Prime Minister, whose proclamation is scheduled for later this month with an event that the Grillini parliamentarians, unaware of everything, define “Alla Rocco. There will be fireworks ”.

The figure of the Guarantor Beppe Grillo will also be downsized, increasingly absent in the last month due to the investigation involving his son Ciro accused of rape. The Movement will be in the hands of Conte. Yes he will entrust to a secretariat that he will choose in person because not everything can be sanctioned by the network. A fundamental step will also be reserved for the territories and the need to structure themselves on a regional basis. However, there are many doubts among M5s parliamentarians. Once again they are not involved in the decisions: “Let’s find out where we are going from the posts that Conte writes on Facebook because now we are the only party that does not even have a site”, writes theHuffington Post.

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Pagliacciata alla Rocco Casalino king M5s crown Libero Quotidiano

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