the mayor who received a guarantee notice because a child pinched his fingers in kindergarten

the mayor who received a guarantee notice because a child pinched his fingers in kindergarten
the mayor who received a guarantee notice because a child pinched his fingers in kindergarten

“But can we go on like this?”. The mayor of Bergamo Giorgio Gori unleashes himself on twitter after learning the news that the first citizen of Crema, Stefania Bonaldi, has received a guarantee notice “because a kindergarten child has locked two fingers in the hinge of a fire door, without permanent consequences “. According to the prosecution, Gori explains, “he should have prevented the door from closing automatically”. The case rekindles the controversy over the risks to which the auditors and administrators are exposed from a judicial point of view.

The case of Stefania Bonaldi, the mayor of Crema under investigation for an accident at the asylum

Bonaldi herself told the facts, first in the city council, then with a post on facebook. “The procedure – explains the mayor – stems from an accident that occurred last October, at the nursery school in Via Dante, when a child suffered a crushing trauma of the 3rd and 4th finger of his left hand. put two fingers into the hinge of the fire door, which closed automatically, resulting injuries required a treatment period of about 3 months, fortunately, and that’s what matters most, without there being a legacy of permanent injuries , so much so that the child has returned to attend the same municipal nursery in Via Dante “. The mayor, however, has been investigated.

The reason? According to what Bonaldi reports, she was allegedly accused, “in culpable cooperation with other individuals”, for the violation of a resolution of the Lombardy regional council issued on March 9, 2020, according to which the “construction elements, furnishings and the equipment, including games, must have the accident prevention characteristics “, and” in particular, suitable measures must be adopted to avoid dangerous situations (eg sharp edges, steps, protruding radiators, fixtures with sharp edges), in relation to age of children and ensure safe conditions and easy cleaning by the staff “.

“From this assumption – adds the mayor – the Public Prosecutor deduces that the undersigned, in conjunction with others, would have omitted ‘to equip the REI 120 fire door with any suitable device to avoid automatic closing or to guarantee manual closing and opening in safety , against the risk of crushing the limbs or other parts of the body of the children there ‘”. And all this, Bonaldi argues, “despite our reconstructions at the time, carried out jointly with the managers of the Aurora Domus Cooperative” which manages the structure, “did not ascribe the events to maintenance or structural responsibilities”.

The judiciary will therefore ascertain whether there have been crimes. But the case is also political and as such is causing debate. “If today a very long process of persuasion is necessary to find available candidates, it is because serving one’s community has become too risky” Bonaldi ventured in the city council, retracing the vicissitudes of other administrators, acquitted by Virginia Raggi “for a behavior that, the trial was not found to constitute a crime “, to the mayor of Turin Chiara Appendino, sentenced in the first instance to one year and six months for the events in Piazza San Carlo, a case” that seems to be part of an objective criminal liability, more than personal “. For this reason, says Bonaldi, it is “time to focus attention on a system that, at national level, requires interventions and corrections, also invoked by authoritative opinion leaders and scholars in a transversal way, which increase the legal protections in favor of the mayors” .

Mayors exposed to too many judicial proceedings: “Whoever has a job today does not apply”

The issue is certainly not new. In addition to the cases cited above, there is that of Simone Uggetti, the mayor of the Pd of Lodi who was arrested (not even under house arrest, but in prison, 10 days in San Vittore), on the charge of having favored an investee company and then acquitted because “the fact does not exist”. And the story that involved Antonio Decaro, now mayor of Bari, who came under investigation when he was a deputy of the Democratic Party on charges of attempted abuse of office. He too acquitted. In 2016, Decaro revealed that at the time of the investigation he had been thinking about suicide. He wanted to jump into the sea with his own car. “But then – he said – I thought about my children”. Decaro himself then put the theme in these terms. “Those who find satisfaction in their work today are unlikely to apply. Those who have a job do not leave it to often go to earn less and always take risks. It is a dangerous job: every time a mayor signs an act, he risks committing an abuse of If he does not sign, he risks the omission of official documents “.

Moreover, the cases of administrators ended up in the pillory and then cleared of the accusations cannot be counted on the fingers of one hand. Is there an excess of zeal on the part of the prosecutors? For the mayor of Pesaro Matteo Ricci it is just like this: “Enough with this madness. How can a Mayor be investigated because a kindergarten child gets his fingers in the middle of the door? that action is taken “on the” excessive responsibilities of the mayors “.

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