France, President Macron receives a slap in the face from a man who calls himself an anarchist. Two arrests

French President Emmanuel Macron received a slap in the face from a man, to whom the head of the Elysée had approached, for the customary greetings, although protected by the barriers. The video circulates on social media and the scene has been confirmed by the Elysée. Macron is doing a tour in the Drome department, the second stop on his “tour de France of the territories” and at one point he approached a group of people who wanted to greet him. But by one of these he was unpleasantly surprised. Soon after, two people were stopped.

“I am calling for a republican awakening, it affects us all, the foundations of our democracy are at stake,” said the French Prime Minister, Jean Castex. Involved yesterday in a controversy for having evoked serious violence in the week leading up to the presidential elections of 2022, Jean-Luc Melenchon, leader of the radical left of ‘La France Insoumise’, was the first to react: “Solidarity with the president. Now start to understand that the violent take action? “.

France, Macron slapped by a man in the crowd: two arrests


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