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Heavy flooding in Rome: source ROMATODAY images

UPDATE AT 2.30 PM, KINDERGARTEN EVACUATED WITH 40 CHILDREN – According to what ROMATODAY reports, in via Castelnuovo di Porto 14, the firefighters had to intervene for a rescue in an asylum. Here, due to flooding, 40 children and 6 adults who were unable to go out were rescued.

BRIDGE MILVIO, FLOODED STORES – In the Ponte Milvio area, shops flooded by the fury of the water. Among the most critical areas of the city currently are those of North Rome, in particular in Corso Francia, Prati, Montemario and Nomentano.

DIRECT WEATHER REPORT, VIOLENT CLOUD IN ROME – As per forecasts, strong thunderstorms are affecting Rome and in general a large part of internal Lazio. A real storm hit the capital and much of the hinterland, from the Castles to the Agroromano, with peaks of over 50mm in less than two hours. Flooding and inconvenience are inevitable, even in the city center, with numerous motorcyclists on foot and cars in difficulty with traffic on tilt. In via Castelnuovo di Porto the firefighters intervened to rescue 40 children and 6 adults in a kindergarten, unable to go out. In the image above, heavy flooding in the city: source Romatoday.

OTHER STORMALS ALSO STRONG IN THE NEXT HOURS – In the meantime, further showers and thunderstorms are intensely affecting Rome and the Agroromano e they will continue until the early evening, when they should begin to fade and then finally run out by night. ATTENTION: POSSIBLE DISCOMFORT AND FURTHER FLOODING. For all the details consult the Rome weather section.

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NUBIFRAGIO ROME flooding inconvenience Meteo

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