VAT numbers, a 5 billion treasury appears for the support –

VAT numbers, a 5 billion treasury appears for the support –
VAT numbers, a 5 billion treasury appears for the support –

Check out a little treasure from 5 billion for aid to VAT numbers. The owners of the flat rate scheme they made less use of non-repayable aid than expected. The government has spent only six billion in grants related to the Sostegni bis decree. And the money saved will be used for the next summer aid. “We have less than two million questions of non-repayable support from VAT numbers, which were expected to amount to three million “, the Minister of Economy declared at the hearing to the Budget Commission of the House on the Dl Sostegni Bis, Daniele Franco. The estimates, which had already been lowered from an initial eleven billion to eight, would give additional funds of approximately five billion.

VAT numbers, the summer intervention

«The hypothesis I would personally formulate is to use this margin, which we will see how great in two weeks, for thesummer intervention calculated on the operating results – added Franco – so the four billion should become one more considerable figure. We expected the intervention to cost eleven billion, which was later revised to eight billion, but we expect an expenditure of six billion. So there are resources that are released and that must be reused to elevate from 10 to 15 million in turnover the range of VAT numbers covered by the intervention “. There will be certainty when the Revenue Agency “certifies the final outcome” of both the Sostegni 1 and 2 Sostegni dl, it is likely that “there is a figure that goes beyond what is necessary to extend the range from 10 to 15 million of VAT numbers covered by the intervention.

Franco: “We will try to equalize”

In fact, the data coming from the Revenue Agency are beginning to shed some light on the audience of shops, restaurateurs, tourism operators who have applied for non-repayable aid. “It is expected that taxpayers who have suffered a worsening of the economic result for the year can requestsummer a contribution – explained Franco – this intervention will be implemented taking into account the refreshments already received in 2020 and in the first part of 2021, therefore will try to equalize looking at who has had more and less ».

Contributions coming on June 16th

The Revenue Agency will make the payments for the new tranche of non-repayable contributions for VAT numbers, assigned with the criterion of loss of turnover, the June 16. The deadline is the same deadline for the payment of many taxes: from Imu to VAT, up to withholdings on employee income.


VAT numbers billion treasury appears support Corriereit

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