Carpaccio, new meat restaurant in Rome

An innovative format dedicated to meat has opened its doors in the Prati district. His name is “Carpaccio”, and wants to pay homage to a symbol of the creativity and culture of Italian cuisine.

“We have chosen to make Carpaccio the protagonist, placing it at the center of an Italian format dedicated to the world of meat by choosing the best selections and blending them with flavors and international cuisine, because Carpaccio is for the world” explain the founders and expert meat selectors, Germano Bertollini and Angelo Di Nicola.

The history of carpaccio dates back to 1950 when Giuseppe Cipriani, owner of Harry’s Bar in Venice, created a thinly sliced ​​fillet dish for his friend Amalia Nani Mocenigo who could not eat cooked meat. The name given to the new culinary creation was a tribute to the painter Vittorio Carpaccio, on display at the time at the Doge’s Palace in Venice, since in Cipriani the color of the raw meat recalled the shades of the painter’s paintings.

Behind the project are Germano Bertolllini, who comes from a family active in the world of meat since 1893 and Angelo Di Nicola, a graduate in economics and finance, university researcher, sommelier, coming from a family active in Roman catering.

Carpaccio was born from the experience of both, located in the Prati district: 170 square meters between inside and outside, for a total of 100 seats. At the center of the Carpaccio menu there is obviously the meat that comes mainly from the farms selected by Germano and Angelo. In particular, Carpaccio uses cuts of meat of certified origin and controlled origin, chosen according to the best quality standards in Italy and abroad.

Various types of carpaccio proposed by the restaurant: from Cipriani with lemon dressing, sprouts and parmesan flakes to Kaffir with lime leaves, ginger mayo, lemon grass, spicy dressing; From cacciatora with vinaigrette to cacciatora, thyme, rosemary, pimienton, olives, capers to Truffle with truffle flakes, crunchy bread, hazelnut butter.


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