Internet down: Amazon, Twitch and major newspapers offline

Digital failure o maxi hacker attack: it is not yet clear why the sites of some of the most important media e international newspapers have become unreachable on the morning of 8 June. Among these, in Italy, also the Corriere della Sera and La Gazzetta dello Sport. Ansa gives the news.

Internet down on June 8: which sites are offline

Throughout the world downs have been reported for the New York Times, the Guardian, the BBC, El Mundo, Le Monde. Some are back online shortly, others are still impossible to visit.

There are also outages on commercial sites and social networks, including online shopping giant Amazon, developer platform GitHub, and Reddit message boards.

The damage would also concern institutional sites, like that of the British government and that of the White House. Also in Italy there have been malfunctions on the anti Covid vaccine site, with the data brought to 0, but it is not clear if there are links with what is happening around the world.

What is Fastly’s content delivery network

In addition to the hypothesis of a cyber attack, the other track would be that of a crash of the provider Fastly. This was announced by the BBC, underlining that Fastly’s content delivery network (CDN), a system that allows you to optimize and speed up navigation with multimedia content, is used by commercial partners all over the world.

Attempting to access the various sites read “Error 503“, A report concerning the non-recognition of the domain. In those back online you may receive a security warning from your browser or you may still experience misunderstandings.

Virgil News | 08-06-2021 13:34

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Internet Amazon Twitch major newspapers offline

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