Storm in Rome, storm on the capital 8 June 2021: news and updates

Violent storm over Rome with the city that ended up flooded. The north quadrant, on this Tuesday in early June, saw the streets turn into flooding rivers also due, according to some videos shot, to some problems with the manholes that did not drain the waters well. The most significant images come from Ponte Milvio. The storm at 12.30, as announced by the weather alert issued yesterday in the city.

Asylum evacuated in Ponte Milvio

In via Castelnuovo di Porto 14, the firefighters had to intervene for a rescue in an asylum. Here, due to flooding, 40 children and 6 adults who were unable to go out were rescued. The children and adults were rescued by Prati’s team and temporarily taken to a hotel.

Flooded shops and street at Ponte Milvio

Always in that neighborhood. The restaurateurs saw their outdoor tables almost floating on the sidewalks and thus improvised workers to unblock the manholes with umbrellas and sticks (here the video). Other scenes instead tell of how the cars are submerged at least up to the headlights with passers-by and scooter riders, with the vehicle embraced, who have sought shelter in the shops that – in the meantime – have seen their bathrooms reject rainwater. , as in the case of a driving school in the neighborhood.

Bad weather in Rome, the critical areas in the city

Many emergency calls received from the Operations Room related to bad weather. Among the most affected areas is that of North Rome, with the firefighters intervening in Corso Francia, Prati, Montemario and Nomentano. Flooding and problems also in via Giovanni Conti and via delle Isole Curzolane, at Tufello, but also in Val Melaina and at Nuovo Salario. Problems also in the Della Vittoria district, in via Rosa Gattorno, with the diverted line 912D and via Cortina D’Ampezzo, in via Trionfale with the flooded road there are slowdowns on bus lines 546, 907, 916sc, 998, 999.

As for public transport, tram 8 in fits and starts at piazzale Ostiense and largo Bernardino Da Feltre. Trafficking returned to normal after 30 minutes. Line 3, on the other hand, from 2.30 pm saw a limitation of the service in Pyramid, with active replacement buses.

Problems also for Line A users with the Lucio Sestio station closed to the passenger service from 2 pm. “The trains pass without stopping. Use the Numidio Quadrato and Giulio Agricola stations”, reads a note from Atac.

bad weather 1-2-3

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