LIVE TMW – Florenzi: “Mbappe the strongest of all at the European Championship. But sometimes I stopped him …”

LIVE TMW – Florenzi: “Mbappe the strongest of all at the European Championship. But sometimes I stopped him …”
LIVE TMW – Florenzi: “Mbappe the strongest of all at the European Championship. But sometimes I stopped him …”

Less than three in the match between Italy and Turkey, before the European Championship and blue debut at the Olimpico in Rome. Home of Alessandro Florenzi, Giallorossi full-back fresh from the French experience at Paris Saint-Germain. He is there at the Media Center of Casa Azzurri in Coverciano at the press conference.

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On Friday’s debut and his condition “I’m fine. Yesterday we took one more day but there are no injuries or anything. These nights are different from five years ago, but we are and are eager. I want to play these European Championships, after a long time: we are preparing for the better, we are excited to start this competition “.
On the return to the Olimpico with the fans “There are always few, even though they are 15-16 thousand in an 80 thousand stadium. However, it will be an emotion to return to a field that has given me so much, that has seen me grow. It will be a great emotion, we hope to make a good performance to start well”.
On Mbappé and on France “They have the strongest player in the tournament, yes. I have seen him all year. They are the favorites, says the World Cup, but I want to say one thing: winning is not obvious and it is not easy. Especially in a competition where the details make the difference: it can be a corner kick or a play. There are other strong national teams that can undermine it but we are there too. It will be tough, there are many teams ready to battle, we hope to make a good European ” .
On Euro 2020 … One year later “It gives us an extra year of international experience. It is a good period, not only for me but for many in the national team. We used it to play important international matches, I am thinking of Roma in the semifinals, of Inter who did great. to do in his group. We are more enriched, by training, by getting to know each other. From Friday we have to think about having a great match, giving everything we have. “
On the privilege of being vaccinated as a national team player “We were privileged, those who had the opportunity to get the vaccine. But I don’t want to imagine what would have happened if there had been a positive like Busquets for Spain. I had Covid and I didn’t get the vaccine: we thank the institutions that made it possible for us to play a European in safety “.
On PSG and Donnarumma “No one has to give advice to Gigio, life is his, work and decisions are his. He will choose what he thinks is the best for his future. On PSG I can say that this year he has taught me many things: I am entered a locker room of strong people and personalities. I’m a better player and I know I’m a strong player. “
About Turkey “He has strong players. They have many good players: I think of Yilmaz who unfortunately had a very good season … They are well organized, we have started studying them. We know how to hurt them, we are preparing now to play this match. We really want to play. start and do well “.
On the national team “This is a group similar to five years ago, in my opinion there is more quality. But you have to prove all this, because if you go out in the group, you did worse than 2016. Now it’s up to us to prove everything.”
About the future “Where do I go after the national team? On vacation …”
Still on the European and market “It doesn’t affect me. I don’t read anything, I grew up in this respect, before I also read what my neighbor wrote. Then here I only think about that, we will only make the evaluations when the European Championship is over”.
On the evolution of Florenzi “I am stronger than the one in 2016. This is how I feel and from a lot … And with more experience”.
On French and Italian football “There are no differences between Italy, Spain, England. It doesn’t depend how much you run, but how you run. If you look at the data against the Czech Republic you think they outclassed you physically. But no, it was another match. How you run, how you manage the ball “.
On Conte and Mancini “They have two different ways of working, on and off the pitch. It doesn’t mean that they don’t reach their goal, there is no single way to win, they are very different in that. With Conte we did two training sessions a day, now not.” .
On Mbappé “How does he stop? He stops as a team. He is the strongest in the European Championship, perhaps even in the World. I trained there, sometimes I didn’t stop him, sometimes I succeeded … Not even at Play easy to stop … “.
His Mourinho “Don’t think about it, I’ll think about it later.”
Blue Dream or Report yesterday? “Briscola and then Playstation with Pellegrini”.
Su Yilmaz “We made a video, Turkey is the team that pulled the most from the outside in qualifying. We will have to be careful: Calhanoglu is also on a free kick who is a specialist. We will try not only not to make a foul but not to get them there.” .
About Daniele De Rossi “I can’t say what I think about his future, it’s very superstitious … He has everything to become a great coach. And when I say everything, it doesn’t just mean the football basics, I also talk about empathy. There are many coaches in Serie A. , even of those I met, who when they get in tune with the players, they can also not do tactics. There is something that comes to you, that enters you. It is something more that does more than tactics. direct in the head: I hope he will soon become a coach, being coached by him would be really cool. But let’s see, otherwise a collaborator … Let’s see “.
Always on the European “I live it differently than five years ago. Berardi, who is in his first European championship, lives it differently from me, from Ciro, from Verratti, Chiellini, Bonucci, from those who have more experience than him”.


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