the last 90 minutes on the balcony-

the last 90 minutes on the balcony-
the last 90 minutes on the balcony-

In the reiteration, never and not at all obvious, of the memory that becomes a sequence of thoughts of esteem – yesterday the commemoration in the high school named after Emanuela Setti Carraro that the girl had attended with profit -, the death of Elena Livigni Gimenez remains a mystery. From the discovery of the corpse of the 21-year-old eldest daughter of company manager Massimiliano Livigni and university professor Maria del Carmen Gimenez Roman, at 4.30 on the night between Wednesday and Thursday, the Courier service is following in the footsteps ofInchiesta of the National Police Corps, net, and it does not seem a rhetorical exercise to record it, of the non-fluid and immediate communication line, not only in Spain, between investigating bodies and foreign personnel such as the Italian diplomatic corps, for example.

An investigation that has a starting point but at the same time also has the absence of witnesses since in the room on the fourth floor of the “Torre del mar” hotel in Ibiza there were only the two of them, and both lost their lives falling from the balcony: that is Elena, who attended the renowned university Esade in Barcelona, ​​where she lived in a residential neighborhood, and Kamil, 26 years old her boyfriend since February. The hypotheses on which the investigators are based are the murder by Kamil and his subsequent suicide, or the suicide of the two boys. The mother, the day before yesterday, introduced a third scenario, that of the accident, albeit as a result of unknown reasons.

Maybe Elena, or even Kamil, has lost his balance after “paused” on the balcony railing. But why would they hoist themselves over the dangerous border? The autopsy would not have provided additional and unpublished elements. In respect of the unbearable torment of the parents, as a news item it appears that Elena was the last person “close” to drugs, an element that, in the case of being hired even more so by the bodies of people who are not “accustomed”, could have altered the children, confused them, even directed them to risky or illogical gestures. If, on the other hand, the homicide / suicide track were kept as central, there is no news, at least according to the reports of the mother who has “questioned” her daughter’s friends and friends for a long time, some of them resident in Spain, such as to configure a potential ” homicidal propensity “of Kamil, native of Casablanca and globetrotter having studied Business administration in Canada and French Literature in Paris, before moving to Barcelona to access a private university, the place ofmeeting with one of Elena’s best friends, in turn a vehicle for the early evening together between the boys and their falling in love.

For distance, as well as often in truth not distance, it is an unreal operation to know everything about children – where they really go, who they really hang out with, what actions they really do -, life remaining a set of coincidences and fatalities. Through mobile phones, messages, social networks, as told in Courier service her mother had heard Elena as soon as she landed in Ibiza, not seeing “threats” in her words, after which she had also heard a friend of her daughter who had communicated with Elena herself at 3 that night, telling of moments of pleasure – of great youthful love – on that balcony drinking wine, with the fresh wind that whirled and light music in the background. The fact that Elena had not replied to another message from her mother means nothing, as it was precisely night, she was with her boyfriend, she would have replied the next morning. Certainly it never existed, although the Cuerpo nacional de Policìa has contemplated it or is contemplating it, unless it is instead a hasty and erroneous deduction by the Spanish media, another hypothesis, that of double suicide, by virtue of chi was Elena, as well as Kamil, of theenthusiasm for the world, for the many future plans, not only bound to studies at the Esade, a double degree in Law and International Relations Global governance, functional to the goal of becoming an international law attorney.

After the holiday in Ibiza, a prize for the completion of the first exam session, Elena would have arrived in Milan to be with her mother, father and 17-year-old brother, returning after six months of absence, to perhaps introduce Kamil to the family or meet old high school friends who remember her like this, randomly picking up the messages collected in recent days: «She had many, many goals. It will never be a consolation, but we hope that the investigations will clarify the last moments of his life ».

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