The tourism operators of Rome to the rediscovery of the capital

The tourism operators of Rome to the rediscovery of the capital
The tourism operators of Rome to the rediscovery of the capital

80 tourist guides, starred chefs, NCC and hotel staff, the beauties of Rome as a background and as a soundtrack one of the most sung and ballad songs of the last two years: “Jerusalema” by Master KG, reworked by the Italian duo Daudia. These are the ingredients of the video made by the operators of the tourism sector of the Capital, one of the sectors most affected by the pandemic, with the aim of raising awareness among Italian and international travelers to rediscover the Eternal City and its infinite excellences after the stop caused by COVID. 19.

A few days after its launch, the video recorded over 20 thousand views and its conception is due to Alessandra De Tata, official tourist guide, who brought together professionals from a sector that in Italy is worth about 13% of GDP, for celebrate the desire to start over and the beginning of a new summer that hopefully will bring tourists from all over the world back to the capital.4

Rome is the great protagonist of the video, not only the Rome of monuments, from Piazza di Pietra to the Pantheon to Piazza Margana but also that of the large hotels that have made their roof gardens available for the production curated by director Alberto Gelpi with the choreography of Barbara Barzotti. The video testifies to the desire of tourism operators to start over and the need to testify their love for Rome and their work in an energetic, liberating, constructive, fun, social way.

“In recent years we have worked a lot, often in difficult conditions, always trying to do our best to promote the excellence of Rome and Italy. With the advent of Covid-19, we suddenly found ourselves experiencing an indescribable void – said Alessandra De Tata – Many of us in recent months have reinvented ourselves, without ever giving up, but the hope of getting back to work that we love has never faded. Now we are ready to start over and to offer those who return to our country professionalism, culture and love for our land. The video is a hymn to life dedicated to the Eternal City and to all those who work professionally to make it discovered and appreciated “.


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