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Italy weather Tuesday

SITUATION. A depression loop in the central Mediterranean remains active, inserted in a ban on the flow of medium-western currents at high altitude, responsible for conditions of instability over a large part of Italy. The day on Tuesday begins with rains and showers that have lasted since yesterday on part of the Northwest, Emilia and part of the Venetian Pre-Alps and foothills, but thickening and some more isolated rain mark the start of the day also in the Center-South. During the day, the instability will manifest itself with phenomena of increasing intensity, flowing into clouds and showers or widespread thunderstorms near the Alps and the Apennines, spreading in parts of the Po Valley, especially in the west, as well as the Tyrrhenian ones. Here are the details:

TUESDAY clouds and showers will already be present in the morning on lower Piedmont, inland Liguria, Emilia, but also on upper Tuscany and Puglia, while elsewhere more bright spells will prevail. Subsequently, the thunderstorms will concentrate during the day in the vicinity of the mountain areas, both Alpine and Apennine, to extend quickly to part of the Po Valley, especially in Piedmont (Cuneo area in the first place), resulting at times strong but gradually diminishing over the course of the evening. In the afternoon widespread thunderstorms also on the inland areas of the Center-South, especially on Tuscany, Marche, Lazio, Campania and Basilicata, locally hail and accompanied by gusts of wind, in encroachment by evening to the Tyrrhenian coasts; possible storm also in Rome in the afternoon.

Better on the larger islands with wider spells, except for some rain in the north-east of Sicily and in the afternoon on the Sardinian inland areas. Temperatures will lose a few degrees, especially in the South, with the heat that will therefore be reduced compared to the final days of last week. For all the details enter the section Weather Italy.

Weather coming hours

For more forecast details, consult the specific weather section in Italy.

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