Support decree bis, Franco: “When fewer applications arrive, we will raise the threshold of aid for VAT numbers from 10 to 15 million in turnover”

The applications for non-repayable support from VAT numbers, expected at 3 million, were lower and therefore it will be possible to extend the aid even beyond the turnover threshold allowed so far. To say this at the hearing in the Budget Committee of the Chamber, the Minister of Economy, Daniele Franco, which specified that “from the Revenue Agency emerges a number of applications under two million” with resources used approximately four billion less than the initial estimate. The “resources that are released in some way must be reused,” said Franco. Who then explained that “it is possible there is a figure that goes beyond” that allocated to extend the intervention for VAT numbers on the basis of the operating result from 10 to 15 million in turnover. “The hypothesis that I would formulate, personally – Franco said – is use this margin for the summer intervention based on the operating results“.

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Support decree bis Franco applications arrive raise threshold aid VAT numbers million turnover

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